About Us

Diamond Body Sculpting offers NON-cosmetic surgery solutions that can reverse the signs of aging in our clients face and bodies. We are a client-focused center with a friendly, caring team who take extra time to speak with clients and answer any questions they have. Our innovative Non-surgical treatments include LipoMelt, Ionic Foot Baths, Nutritional Counseling and Supplement support. We have two locations; Burnsville and St. Louis Park, MN for your convenience.  LipoMelt works and our success proves it!

How We Work

We create a spa like atmosphere of relaxation for every client and every treatment. From the moment you schedule your first appointment we make sure to take care of you and all your goals and needs. When you arrive at one of our beautiful locations you will be warmly greeted by our staff and escorted into our waiting area. From there your technician will gather up your belongings and you will be whisked away to our relaxing treatment room. Our simple therapy treatments require 20 minutes wrapped up on our comfortable and soft LED Red and Near Infrared blankets and are followed by a 10 minute vibration therapy. This vibration therapy simulates exercise and gets your lymphatic system moving while flushing out the toxins released from the fat cells we drained during your treatment. Our goal is to give you your first workout on us! Your fat cells will continue to drain their contents for 48 hours after your treatment so it is not necessary to come back more than 2-3 times per week for optimum results.

Try it and Be Amazed!

My Dr. was shocked when I came in for my post baby check up and saw my beautifully trim new bod!

Linda B. - Bloomington, MN

My personal trainer told my about Diamond Body Sculpting and I had to try it. For years I haven’t been able to get rid of my cellulite on the back of my legs no matter how much I worked out – now….It’s gone!

Julie R. - Apple Valley, MN

Melt That Fat Away