Ace Pumpkin is perfect for the pumpkin lover that just can’t get enough. This California-based cidery introduced its seasonal pumpkin cider in 2010 and has not looked back. As suggested on its website, this pumpkin cider mixed with a full-bodied lager would make a fantastic snakebite (your new signature Halloween drink, perhaps?). “We’re thrilled to bring Pumpkin Spice back to our seasonal line-up this fall,” said co-owner Lynda Parrish. ACE Pumpkin. This New York-made cider is light in color — almost translucent — but bursting with pumpkin flavor. sign up for our email list to receive updates on new products, sale offerings, upcoming tastings, and new happenings in the berman's world! Advertise with Us Crack open the bottle and you’ll get not only a bouquet of pumpkin up your nose right off the bat, but a rich blend of spices that embodies all of late fall. Would I Recommend It: If you’re into novel seasonal drinks, absolutely. Try it in cans, or by the glass in its Indianapolis tasting room, where Autumntide just debuted last Friday, or look for it in bars and liquor stores across the state. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Suggested pairings include: football, bonfires and hayrides. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Shop for 750ml bottles on Swilled Dog’s webshop, or find six-packs at your favorite cider retailer in West Virginia and Virginia. It’s a sort of sour kind of smell, with a lot of nutmeg and clove. Nevertheless, the way was paved for pumpkin cider which, despite my high hopes, is not actually squeezed out of pumpkins in a giant pumpkin press, but made by adding natural flavorings to ordinary hard cider. For the past year, Woodchuck Pumpkin Cider has gone unchallenged as the predominate pumpkin cider on First Pour Wine. The ACE Pumpkin Cider is full of rich flavor that will leave you craving more. Ace is sort of mixing its metaphors here. AWESTRUCK HOMETOWN HOMICIDER IS HERE! We use cookies for analytics and to improve our site. Check Availability. Keep submitting #HunnyPearsWellWith photos! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 5% ABV. These ciders are something like a pumpkin spice latte for ciderheads… But more “from the farm” than from Starbucks. But pumpkin? Woodchuck Pumpkin is being released first on the East Coast and Central regions, with distribution growing throughout the Fall. The two seem to seam together, probably because both are complemented well by the same spices and flavors from cinnamon and nutmeg to clove, which many of these delectable ciders are flavored with. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Regardless of where you fall on the issue, you’re sure to encounter some pumpkin ciders in your local cidery/bar/bottle shop soon, if you haven’t already. We are located among some of the world’s most renowned wine makers and apple orchards. California Cider Company is the first family owned cider in the US. #PumpkinPatch #GetSwilled & yes, that double rainbow is real. The result is a light copper cider with aroma notes of oaky squash and butterscotch, and subtle earthy flavors of vanilla and caramel. On the one hand, we get it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Ideal for Halloween and Thanksgiving this cider pairs well with or beef. Sonoma, California Ace Cider Pumpkin Hard Cider – Check Price in Store If you’re a hard cider fan, here’s a fall flavor to try! This spiced cider comes from Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery in New York and is available only for a limited time, and only for another few weeks. West Virginia’s Swilled Dog Hard Cider is getting in on the gourd action with its newly-released Pumpkin Patch cider. This seasonal Cider is released after Labor Day and available throughout fall. We use cookies for analytics and to improve our site. We are revisiting our favorite pumpkin ciders this week because fall means apple and pumpkin season — separately and teamed up. The pumpkin you find in this bottle is similar to the pumpkin you find in a good pumpkin pie, not overly sweet but a more basic, essential pumpkin mixed with allspice, cinnamon and cloves. Whether you love them or hate them, pumpkin ciders — along with pumpkin-everything else — start popping up left and right, as if to say, “Yes, it IS autumn and yes, you WILL celebrate with something orange and vaguely spicy in hand.”.

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