But [a different team was in place]. She assembles a collection of Cosmic Cubes and forges them into a Cosmic Egg. "How Strange My Destiny Part 2 – Chapter 4", Starlin, Jim (w), Starlin, Jim (p), Rubinstein, Joe (i). But what are his strongest abilities? [27], He encounters the High Evolutionary who gives him the name "Warlock". [93] Embarking on a crusade to eliminate sin, the Goddess uses telepathy to control spiritual beings across the universe, recruiting them to her cause. When he arrives on Counter-Earth,[29] Warlock is given the name "Adam" by four teenagers who befriend him. Finally awakening, Adam unconsciously destroys the universe and is left floating in a void. Adam Warlock's baseline powers are enough to put him in the elite category of most Marvel characters. "A Mad Calling! "Epiphany", Starlin, Jim (w), Lim, Ron (p), Milgrom, Al (i). He described himself as a "Quantum Magician," though it is … Warlock transmits himself and his two friends into new bodies and leads a group of Earth's superheroes, defeating Thanos. The One Above All agrees, on the condition Adam act as the universe's new Living Tribunal. He did so infrequently during his short life, usually to protect himself from mortal harm, and usually he would emerge from the cocoon at a further level of physical or mental maturity. He can't die. [28], Warlock's power increased with each resurrection. The regeneration cocoon is pretty nifty - every time he enters it, he evolves and develops new powers - but it's kind of unnecessary. After he comes into possession of the Soul Gem (a gift from the High Evolutionary), Adam Warlock becomes an astral outsider, basically invisible to other cosmic beings and their own perception. "Infinity Countdown Prelude", Starlin, Jim (w), Lim, Ron (p), Milgrom, Al (i). For a time, Warlock (during his Him incarnation) sacrificed the majority of these powers by prematurely emerging from his cocoon in order to defend the High Evolution… [2] The character also appeared in Fantastic Four #67 (October 1967) and Thor #163–166 (April–July 1969). [69], In Thanos: The Infinity Ending, after the future omnipotent Thanos absorbed the Living Tribunal and the Above-All-Others, Adam, Starfox and Pip realizing that they were too late escape, except for Adam who confronts Thanos before being banished by the by the omnipresent being within himself. 5, featuring the alien cybernetic character Warlock of the New Mutants team,[20] Adam Warlock co-starred with Thanos in the limited series The Infinity Abyss #1–6 (August–October 2002); Marvel Universe: The End #1–6 (May–August 2003; first four issues biweekly); and Thanos #1–6 (December 2003 – April 2004). "Anansi", Starlin, Jim (w), Starlin, Jim (p), Milgrom, Al (i). After another resurrection he and Pip go to Titan and encounter Eros. The Shi'ar, led by Gladiator (also looking for the power source), appear and Annihilus, now with the power of the Hulk and a new fear projection ability, defeats them. Some plot threads were concluded in Marvel Team-Up #55 (March 1977), Avengers Annual #7 (November 1977) and Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2 (December 1977). Adam is also capable of generating powerful quantum energy force fields of sufficient power to protect him or a group of allies from extreme forces such as Galactus' cosmic energy blasts or Thanos' optical blasts. Adam Warlock also possesses the ability to fly - in space. Following the unrelated 1999–2000 series Warlock vol. Still travelling through different portals, he finally came across the present Thanos who had been trapped within his future omnipotent self and Eros with Pip who try to free Thanos, but were discovered. [70], During the "Infinity Countdown" storyline, Adam Warlock realizes that he's at an unspecified time with Kang the Conqueror, who, with some convincing, shows a recap of Warlock's history until finally revealing that the Infinity Stones are once more being gathered and shows a vision of the future – which Kang calls "Infinity's End" – in which an unseen calamity has befallen the universe after the Infinity Stones were reunited. Rama Tut then seals Warlock in a tomb where he'll awaken thousands of years in the future with a chance to claim the Soul Stone. And Adam wins. Finally, on Thanos' request, the "new" Living Tribunal resurrects the original Adam Warlock from the point he was killed moments before the convergence took place. Though he can perceive them, they can't perceive him or his actions. After that he enters Thanos' psyche where he saw different memories through portals, and eventually came across Hunger and manipulates the being into attacking the past future omnipotent Thanos. The first is one of his signature abilities. [44] The cosmic Living Tribunal (whose power and authority exceeds Warlock's) decides that Warlock cannot be trusted to keep the Infinity Gauntlet and instructs him to divide the gems among other beings of Warlock's choosing. Adam Warlock was then able to resurrect the original version of himself, and proceeded to become the new Living Tribunal as part of the deal he struck with the One-Above-All. Later on, Adam Warlock is staring at the stars in the desert and draws a symbol in the sand claiming that a part of him is missing. Being unwilling to let Thanos kill himself and take all existences with him, Adam battles his past selves, eventually using the Soul Stone of one of the Adams to kill them. Duggan, Gerry (w), Deodato, Mike (p), Deodato, Mike (i). The level is set when connecting that Super Power to a character. He fails, and Warlock traps him in the Soul Gem. So Roy [Thomas] asked me [what character] I wanted to do. During the battle, Warlock's younger self appears and takes the older Warlock's soul. When Drax the Destroyer held onto the Soul Gem, he discovered that the Soulworld inside is corrupted. [60] Additionally, Warlock also possesses spiritual powers independent from the Soul Gem, and is capable of resurrecting himself and other beings by taking deceased bodies and transmuting them. He perceives both cosmic and mystic occurrences from virtually anywhere in the universe, which allows him to detect the presence of wormholes and other cosmic phenomena. Abnett, Dan; Lanning, Andy (w), Tan, Eng Huat (p), Hennessy, Andrew (i). A version of the character starred in the four-issue limited series Warlock vol. Adam Warlock has been associated with Marvel merchandise including animated television series, and video games. [96], "Magus (comics)" redirects here. They then return to the present where he kills Eros who then returns to life after being rejected by Mistress Death now existing outside the norm, just like Adam and Thanos, which is essential to defeat Thanos. [65], Thanos enhances Pip's abilities to teleport the ship to Annihilus' empire to stop Annihilus once and for all, but are overwhelmed by Annihilus, who teleports Thanos into limbo and takes Adam prisoner (by placing a neural disruptor on him), forcing the Guardians to retreat. After that Adam tells Thanos that the only way to defeat his future omnipotent self and get free was trust. Ulm, Chris (w), Saltares, Javier (p), Ivy, Chris (i). He is a synthetic being created by The Enclave to become the template for a new race of humans to replace the old. It is not known where the substance of the cocoon came from, or where it went after he emerged from it. This Magus works for the evil Lord Mar-Vell and is killed when he fails a mission. [19] The character was featured in the intercompany crossovers between Marvel Comics and the Malibu Comics "Ultraverse" in the one-shot Rune / Silver Surfer (April 1995 in indicia, June 1995 on cover); Rune vol. Among his body's special adaptations are an enclave of cells able to tap and transform cosmic energy for personal use. The High Evolutionary requests Warlock's help in saving the artificially created planet Counter-Earth from the evil Man-Beast[28] and gives Warlock the green Soul Gem (also referred to as the "Soul Jewel"), which allows Warlock to capture souls of other beings. This doesn't mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. Here Adam is again killed by a rocket launched by Thanos. "Preparations For War", Starlin, Jim (w), Lim, Ron (p), Rubinstein, Joe (i). [38], Thanos (after being resurrected) once again collects the Infinity Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet,[39] capturing the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer in the Soul Gem for opposing. The evil half names himself the Magus and attempts to gain the Infinity Gauntlet for himself. So when I got to Warlock, I said to myself, 'I got a messiah right here to start off with; where do I go from there?' Adam Warlock - Powers and Abilities Powers and Abilities As Him, the character possessed superhuman strength; speed; durability; stamina; agility and the ability to manipulate cosmic energy for energy projection, flight and recuperation (e.g. Warlock's energy-manipulating powers waned at the time he was given the soul-gem by the High Evolutionary. [80], The Gem possesses a consciousness of its own and demonstrates a vampiric hunger for the life energies of organic beings. Adam Warlock also possesses the ability to fly - in space. [15] This reprint series was itself reprinted, with yet another set of new Starlin covers, as Warlock vol.

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