Crompton's "mule" combines Hargreaves' and Arkwright's machines, fully automating the weaving process. French confectioner Nicolas Appert invents canning as a preservation method. Marconi patents wireless telegraph. Wilkinson improves the cylinder boring machine to produce high tolerance cylinders for Watt's steam engines. Gives rise to mass migrations to America and Canada, Monier develops reinforced concrete. These tables still used to day but electronically and stored digitally. Rev. Along with helping the agricultural revolution, it started the industrial revolution. Third Agricultural Revolution (Green Revolution) Occured: Mexico, India, China What: invention of high-yield grains, especially rice, with the goal of reducing hunger. Liverpool and Manchester first commercial railway. With this added population there was a large need for food and agriculture. This along with his balling process, allowed crude shapes standardised shapes made of wrought iron. Photgraphic paper born out of the work done by Daguerre makes photography accessible to many people. The application of the steam engine completely transforms manufacturing. New Combination Acts outlaw trade unions which are repealed in 1824. Edmund Cartwright patents his water-powered loom. Pioneering work which will speed up communication across the seas. Brunel builds the first subaqueous tunnel, under the Thames. The telegraph made little direct impact on most people's lives. Great Britain, the first large, iron, screw-propelled steamship. Newton elected President of Royal Society. There was a higher crop yield than former years, this was the start of the agricultural revolution. UK government People's Charter advocates social and political reform. Britain, in the early 18th Century, was still largely a rural economy but rapidly changing economic and social conditions were forcing the pace of profound changes. A Manchester mill orders 400 of Edmund Cartwright’s power looms, but workers burn down the mill because they fear losing their jobs. Demand for white fabric that can be printed on drives further design processes in textile industry. Commercial use of Morse's telegraph (Baltimore to Washington). By using the best of each male and female specimen, an ideal offspring can be produced. Selective breeding in sheep improves yield of both wool and meat. Hertz produces radio waves. Fertilizers will increase crop yields, essential to feed the worlds growing population. Fox Talbot introduces photographic paper. Joseph Banks elected President of the Royal Society. Jethro Tull was an English agriculturalist and inventor. Fahrenheit scale developed by Gabriel Fahrenheit. So manufacturers suffered, and had to lay off workers. Main settlements were at Powick and Hanley with hamlets and farms in wooded wastes, probably surrounded by their own field systems. In the early 19th century an inventer named Bryan Donkin created the tin can. Workers fears and dissatisfaction with the textile revolution brings great concern to politicians and shows little chance of subsiding. 1.6: The Medieval Agricultural Revolution Last updated; Save as PDF Page ID 12438; Contributed by Christopher Brooks; Full-time faculty (History) at Portland Community College; No headers. More advances in better iron production allows the material to be used in a number of different ways. From a rural to manufacturing economy, it spurred invention and trade. Increases the workers hostility to factory owners and to parliament. This invention is one of the most important in terms of mechanizing textile production and because of it's size, demands bigger factories to be built. Josiah Wedgewood builds first pottery-making factory near Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire, England. Lunar Society formed to promote the arts and sciences. This chronometer will perfect the work done by Harrison to date on solving the longitude problem. Agricultural and industrial revolution as a theme of British History, use this theme, the timeline at the bottom of this page and map to explore these two tremendous and complex revolutions that changed 17th century Britain beyond all recognition. Botanical Garden's Kew opened. This will be pivotal in lighting the towns of Britain changing the working day and safety on the streets. Pivotal discovery leading to the discovery of the electron. Cathode rays discovered. It's development is one of the key changes in Britain's Industrial Revolution. Ships and cargos were being lost. Most important was the impact on business, companies grew and expanded in unparalleled ways, Bell invents the telephone. This ship will lay down a marker for express voyages across the Atlantic. The sewing machine will change the way of life for thousands of women, giving them work inside and outside the home. British Parliament passes a bill setting up a prize for £20,000 for the first person to develop a sufficiently accurate way to find longitude at sea. Abraham Darby uses coke to smelt iron ore, replacing wood and charcoal as fuel. Bearings played a pivotal role in the Industrial Revolution, allowing the new industrial machinery to operate efficiently with reduced friction and thus wear and also allowing for a smoother operating mechanism. Matthew Boulton develops steam-powered coin-minting machinery. The need for positions such as messenger boys, telegraphers and, ironically, operators, became virtually unnecessary. Neolithic Revolution. Another great thinker whose discoveries aided navigation. Grand Trunk Canal establishes a cross-England route connecting the Mersey to the Trent and connecting the industrial Midlands to the ports of Bristol, Liverpool, and Hull. Commercial rail services are in their infancy but this line is the start of a new direction in communications. The artificially high corn prices encouraged by the Corn Laws meant that the urban working class had to spend the bulk of their income on corn just to survive. Turnpike Act. The exhibition showcases British goods around the world and is a huge boost for trade. Leads to the eradication of smallpox from Britain. Marc Brunel invents a tunnelling shield, making subaqueous tunnelling possible. First eight day clock developed by John Harrison. The Lunar Society bringing together brilliant minds, Wilkinson patents a precision cannon borer. Selective breeding can be used to create the perfect specimen or to create an entire new breed. Arkwright builds a factory using his water frame for spinning, becoming the founder of the modern factory system. Newcomen's engine took the discovery of steam power a step forward. By using this method of crop rotation, soil fertility is increased and the plants have an easier time to grow and thrive. Ideas and learning spread more quickly. The canal age will soon give way to rail. Various attempts were made to find a compromise, but problems remained until the middle of the nineteenth century, by which time the woollen industry had moved away from hand-production. First balloon crossing of the English Channel by Jean Pierre Blanchard Dr J. Jeffries. Selective breeding allowed characteristics to be bred in and out of animals, improving yields. Compton invented the Spinning Mule, an improvement on the Spinning Jenny. Microphone invented. Edison invents the incandescent lamp. Sheep and goat domesticated. Founded in to trade (mainly in slaves) with Spanish America, on the assumption that the War of the Spanish Succession, then drawing to a close, would end with a treaty permitting such trade. The invention of the telephone lead to development of city centers, office buildings and the concept of an urban worker society. Worlds first Metro line, The London Underground, opened. Trevithick runs a steam locomotive on rails in an ironworks. The point system for measuring type sizes is introduced by Pierre Fournier. Josiah Wedgewood patented the cream coloured earthenware that becomes the standard domestic pottery of England. Flamsteed’s Atlas Coelestis is one of the “big four” star atlases to come out of Europe’s Golden Age of celestial cartography, driven by technological advances in astronomical observation and printing techniques.

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