During March, the average contiguous U.S. temperature ranked within the middle third of the 125-year record at 0.82°F below average. Museums and other kid-centric activities are easy to find and are the perfect way to pass the time during bad weather. Temperatures in 2019 averaged a few degrees above normal along much of the West Coast and New Mexico. There were fifteen long term stations that observed or tied their warmest annual maximum temperature on record, and thirty-three long term stations that observed or tied their warmest annual minimum temperature on record. This ranked in the warmest third of the 125-year record and was the coldest year since 2014. Please contact us to get started with full access to dossiers, forecasts, studies and international data. The growing season got off to a late start due to wet conditions in the winter of 2018-2019 (3rd wettest since 1895) and spring of 2019 (5th wettest). October ranked 5th wettest for the Midwest with all nine states among the wettest 20 percent of their histories, including Kentucky which ranked 4th wettest. Drought Development in CO and KS: Although much of the region was impacted by extremely wet conditions this year, drought conditions developed and expanded during the fall across southern Kansas and western and southern Colorado where precipitation deficits mounted. However, preliminary data indicated two locations along Maryland's Eastern Shore (Chesapeake Bay coastline) just exceeded the major flooding threshold. As for states, temperatures have risen at least 1.8°F in all U.S. states measured, with a national average increase of 2.5°F. Honolulu, Oahu (79.3 F/26.3 C, 1.6 F/0.9 C above normal, records began in 1940) tied with 1995 for warmest year on record. Each color represents a different 5-degree Fahrenheit span of temperature. October did bring severe fire weather and impactful events to California, described below. This is more than four times the average amount and ties with 1963 as the third highest spring total on record. Despite a more seasonable December across much of the state, Alaska had its warmest year on record with a statewide average temperature of 32.2°F, 6.2°F above the long-term average and the first annual average temperature on record at or warmer than freezing (32°F). Annual averaged temperature was 48.1 degrees F (8.9 C) for the Midwest which was 0.5 degrees F (0.3 C) below the 1981-2000 normal. Seattle, Washington reported its 7th highest (in a 75-year record) annual temperature at 54.1 F (12.3 C), 1.5 F (0.8 C) above normal. A survey from the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council indicated that high water levels along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River led to an estimated 31 percent loss for tourism-related businesses in 2019. That pattern is expected to moderate in the second half of the month. April was an unusually active month for tornadoes. This surpassed the previous record of 31.9°F in 2016. The six other states in the region ranked among the top-10 wettest in their respective histories as well. According to the April 28 U.S. Drought Monitor report, 14.8 percent of the contiguous U.S. was in drought, up slightly from 14.5 percent at the end of March. Significant blowing and drifting of snow, with some drifts as high as 10 feet (3 m), made numerous roads impassable in northern Maine. For the entire United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the year averages 52.7 °F (11.5 °C). All the maps use the same color scale, ranging from dark blue for the coldest temperatures to dark red for the hottest. Temperatures were converted from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Lorenzo, on the other hand, was noteworthy for being the farthest east Category 5 storm in history. Florida ranked warmest on record for the first four months of the year with 12 additional states from the Deep South to New England experiencing a top-five warmest January-April period.. Drier conditions during March and April caused drought conditions to expand across the region in coverage. There were several flash flood events once again during July. The May 28th USDM release was the first time since the inception of the USDM in 2000 that Colorado was free of all drought designations. April may be time for some spring break and Easter travel, but, in general, this is shoulder season, when it is possible to find mild to warm weather (ideal for touring) and travel deals to many destinations. (The maps use the 1981-2010 average so that current conditions can be compared to the recent past). Please do not hesitate to contact me. The colors show the outcome with the highest chances. In Buffalo, New York, a plane slid off a taxiway after landing. From June 19 to 20, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, had its greatest two-day rainfall total for any June on record with 4.63 inches (117.60 mm). May was another unusually active month for tornadoes. Then on October 3, Huntington, Beckley, and Elkins tied their record high temperatures for the month of October which were just set two days prior on October 1. A plume of moisture from Tropical Storm Olga moved northward from the Gulf into southern Alabama. Largest global emitters of carbon dioxide by country 2018, World carbon dioxide emissions by region 2009-2019, Global historical CO2 emissions 1758-2018. For more details on the April 2020 climate, including preliminary information on the tragic tornado outbreak, read the NCEI summary. Tennessee ranked wettest for this four-month period while West Virginia and Alabama ranked second and third wettest on record, respectively. Spring is shoulder season for many destinations, like Alaska. Low sea ice extent in the Bering and Arctic Seas was a notable concern with respect to Alaska climate in 2019, contributing to anomalously warm temperatures and above normal precipitation. Shoreline flooding forced the closure of several businesses and roads, and water also entered some lakeshore properties. Unfavorable Conditions for Growing Season: Cool, wet weather throughout the growing season created unfavorable conditions for planting, harvesting, and overall crop development this year. Millions of acres were not planted, particularly in South Dakota. Then you will be able to mark statistics as favourites and use personal statistics alerts.

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