Provincial Framework for Steelhead Management in BC [PDF 420 KB], Steelhead Stream Classification Policy [PDF 80 KB], Typical range in length for adults: 61 to 91 cm   Maximum: 150cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 4.5 to 22.7kg   Maximum: 57kg, Typical range in length for adults: 60 to 70cm     Maximum: 112cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 4.4 to 10.0kg  Maximum:19kg, Typical range in length for adults: 56 to 66cm     Maximum: 110cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 3.2 to 5.0kg   Maximum:16kg, Typical range in length for adults: 36 to 46cm     Maximum: 76cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 1.5 to 5kg   Maximum:6.8kg, Typical range in length for adults: 60 to 75cm     Maximum: 80cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 2.3 to 7kg   Maximum: 8kg. This set of keys is an attempt to provide rapid and dependable field identifications of BC freshwater fish. McPhail, J. D., and R. Carveth. � �#[D�V�%��5�R�6[���6�����y����. The largemouth bass is known to harbour parasites which may further endanger native species. Active recovery efforts for the Nechako watershed population are being coordinated through the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative, a broad-based organization that brings together technical and community representatives from provincial agencies, First Nations, local government, community and non-governmental organizations, industry partners and others. British Columbia has over 20,000 lakes and 750,000 kilometers of streams for anglers to fish. It's name walleye refers to the outward looking orientation of its eyes which gives it superior vision in low light conditions when it hunts for crayfish, minnows and other, typically juvenile, fish. Natives of the eastern province and states, Eastern brook trout or more accurately eastern brook char, were introduced to BC some time ago as a game fish. Others may migrate from natal stream to larger freshwater bodies while a third variation migrates to saltwater during winter months to feed prior to returning to freshwater. B.C. Rainbow trout represent the majority of fish stocked in BC lakes and rivers. Steelhead. Despite their longevity, populations have been impacted by loss of habitat, dam construction and water regulation on key river systems, harvest pressure on prey species, introduction of invasive species, chemical pollution from upland run-off and both targeted and indirect harvesting impacts. Biogeography of the BC freshwater fish fauna. Arctic grayling are one of the most colourful fish inhabiting British Columbian waters. The rich marine environment gives rise to individuals that can weigh as much as 18 kg. Freshwater fishes of British Columbia Web Description: The Royal BC Museum Handbook series for herpetology and mammalogy is nearly complete, with only Marine mammals yet to be printed. Additional research is required to better understand the nature of these populations in BC. Like salmon, kokanee die after spawning. Typically found in smaller streams, rivers and lakes, juveniles favour rocky cobble substrate while adults tend towards silty or sandy bottoms where they can dig burrows the signal crayfish is cool temperature tolerant and may be found as high as the subalpine. Typical range in length for adults: 15 to 30cm      Maximum: 34cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.35kg            Maximum: 0.7kg. Freshwater sport fish . Researchers continue to study the whitefish to determine how the trait is inherited through only a portion of the population. Fish that are more than 3 m in length and over 150 kgs in weight are regularly caught each year. 8��}���U�3�lw7M��th���aj���7g��o�?��ԼY�lǮy�no���a:��v3O�q�k�������A�O-j3����mN�w�)m�;���n�Ny����j\o��n|�p��������������Z=[������*v�]^�K����;��T�雓��P��0��0�����O�)ƪ The burbot has a long tapering body that reminds some of a ling cod (an unrelated saltwater fish). Lab for Advanced Spatial Analysis, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Vancouver. The principle threats to BC’s freshwater fishes are habitat loss and degradation and non-native and harmful (i.e., “invasive”) species (see Dextrase and Mandrak 2006). Traditional keys are not very useful in the field, since they are designed for use on preserved specimens - a definite drawback when working with rare or threatened species. The size and weight of typical Dolly Vardens varies largely according to life history, with those migrating to the ocean demonstrating the greatest size. The Deadliest Freshwater Fish. Typical range in length for adults: 25 to 55cm     Maximum: 75cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.7 to 1.8kg    Maximum: 11.4kg, Typical range in length for adults: 25 to 50cm      Maximum: 69cm, Typical range in weight for adults: 0.5 to 1.6kg     Maximum: 5.5kg.

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