According to a study done by Shape, those who live in cluttered spaces are more depressed and stressed than those who live in more clean and organized spaces. The human body is made up of tens of thousands of integrated biological and neurochemical systems, all of which are organized. What makes staying organized so difficult? Why most people love to live like pigs is beyond my understanding. Or you might squeeze a book into an overcrowded bookshelf, because what’s one book anyway? As organization can improve the flow of communication between you and your team, you can also make your team more productive. Service is on-going on a monthly basis. One of the most important benefits of organizing your space is reduced STRESS. The article that both of you composed helps me considerably. Your second source isn't reliable because of its subjectivity; people who describe their home as "unfinished" do so because they have a higher standard-―slobs who are fine being slobs don't consider a clutter problematic so wouldn't describe it negatively― and slobs can still describe their cluttered home as "restful" and "restorative" because it makes them comfortable. You can gain energy and a sense of calm while organizing and cleaning whatever you are working on. Regardless of the why, however, it’s clear that staying clean and organized is a good thing. My guess is since this is Psychology Today you would not want to overlook ADD as a major limiting factor in many adults' lives; or the medical illnesses which cause people to be too tired to engage in organization tasks. You have no control over the economy, employment, or ther people, but you do have control over how you declutter your life. A sibling who co-owns the family home makes extreme messes and refuses to clean up. 6 Benefits of an Uncluttered Space The psychology behind organizing and decluttering. Starting from "Keeping things clean and organized is good for you": The first study attributes the correlation of good health and organization to the exercise you get from cleaning and organizing. I regularly have to choose to do extreme cleaning over having a personal life or fulfillimg other family responsibilities? However, there is more information that backs the idea that being organized and clean is more beneficial to your health and happiness. Unfortunately, once your house is clean, it becomes easier to slip into bad habits. The positive psychology behind organization. According to a study done by Shape, those who live in cluttered spaces are more depressed and stressed than those who live in more clean and organized spaces. Whereas food porn might involve a picture of, say, a salted-caramel cupcake with a perfectly swirled dollop of chocolate frosting on top, organization porn might involve a picture of pens arranged by color and size, or a gorgeously minimalistic living room. Should I Tell Him How Many Men I Slept With Before We Met? They pay attention to small details which is important to me. Ralph Ryback, M.D., has taught at many institutions including Harvard Medical School. You forget how nice it feels to be organized. If you're a messy creative who is already healthy and feels comfortable as things are, you may be fine as is. I am losing my mind trying to keep a family home barely habitable. When you're organized, you're more likely to plan your meals, stock up on nutritious foods, and prep things like fruits and vegetables to make healthy eating more likely. Blogs and websites that focus on organization porn are numerous — for instance, Things Organized Neatly, Apartment Therapy and Unclutterer, to name only a few examples. To date I am very satisfied. The Relationship Between Anger and Vulnerability, Mental Health and Mental Illness Are Not Opposites. I know its an older comment, but wow do I relate! One study (DOI: 10.1177/0956797613480186) shows that just being in a messy room rather than an organized one increases performance on creative tasks and willingness to try new things. Why Choose World Class Cleaning Services? It can become a vicious cycle. The Psychology of the Physical Bookstore Experience.

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