It is a concrete gravity dam, 45 meters high and 393 meters long, generating 60 MW of power with an installed capacity of 3 units of 33 MW. The total catchment area of this dam is 24,864 km2, of which only 956 km2 are in Rajasthan. The total catchment area of Kota Barrage is 27,332 km2, of which the free catchment area below Jawahar Sagar Dam is just 137 km2. Maximum area of Chambal Basin is covered by Baran District (22.43% of basin area) and while it is least covered by Tonk District (1.38% of basin area). The dam was built in between 1319-1304 BCE. [4][6], According to Crawford (1969), the Chambal river valley is part of the Vindhyan system which consists of massive sandstone, slate and limestone, of perhaps pre-Cambrian age, resting on the surface of older rocks. [4], The Chambal is a rainfed catchment with a total drained area up to its confluence with the Yamuna of 144,591 square kilometres (55,827 sq mi). A few climbers of this area include species of Rhynchosia, Atylosia, Cocculus, Cissampelos, Ipomoea, Pergularia daemia, Pueraria tuberosa and Tinospora cordifolia. For the rest of its 529 kilometres (329 mi) run, the river passes through the flat terrain of the Malwa Plateau and later the Gangetic Plain with an average gradient of 0.21 m/km. The water released after power generation is used for irrigation through Kota Barrage. Further down, the Jawahar Sagar Dam is located in the middle of the Kota gorge. Botanical Survey of India, Calcutta, India. The river flows north-northeast through Madhya Pradesh. It eventually enters U.P. The Hague. The Gandhisagar Dam is located near the center of this reach. Charmanwati was the southern boundary of Panchala Kingdom. Keshoraipattan near Kota is a famous pilgrimage spot dedicated to Lord Vishnu on banks of Chambal. for about 346 kilometres and enters Rajasthan near  Chaurasigarh (Chittorgarh). This page was last modified on 16 April 2016, at 11:53. The main benefit at this dam envisaged power generation at a dam toe powerhouse with installation of power plants of 172 MW capacity with four turbo generators of 43 MW capacity each. [3][4] The river is drained by a rain-fed catchment area with an average annual rainfall of 860 millimetres (34 in), a temperature range of between 2 °C (36 °F) and 40 °C (104 °F), and a relative humidity ranging from 30% to 90%. It occurs with the Malwa plateau in the east. At least two erosional surfaces can be recognised within the pediplain are the Tertiary age. [2] The river reach of 96 kilometres (60 mi) from 344 kilometres (214 mi) to 440 kilometres (270 mi) from its source is a deep gorge section and further downstream there are plains. The total area draining the Kota Barrage is 27,319 km2.[4]. It is a 64 metre high masonry gravity dam, with a live storage capacity of 6,920 Mm 2 and a catchment area of 22,584 km 2.The dam was completed in the year 1960. [4][5] It flows in a north–south direction for about (360 kilometres (220 mi) in Madhya Pradesh and then enters Rajasthan at Chaurasigarh about 96 kilometres (60 mi) south east from Kota and eventually joins the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh near Etawah. 7835/XIV-3-103-78 dated 29 January 1979 and the Rajasthan portion was gazetted in the Government of Rajasthan Notice No.F.11(12)Rev.8/78 dated 7 December 1979. [6]) Springer. 2008. It consists of the large arc described by the Chambal between Jawahar Sagar Dam in Rajasthan and the Chambal-Yamuna confluence in Uttar Pradesh. Water quality and pollution status of Chambal river in National Chambal sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh. [15], The ancient name of the Chambal was Charmanvati, meaning the river on whose banks leather is dried. India, Ceylon and Pakistan: new age data and comparisons with Australia. King Drupada ruled the southern Panchalas up to the bank of the Charmanwati river (1:140). ), This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 16:36. The right and left main canals have a headworks discharge capacity of 188 and 42 m3/s, respectively. River Kunu originates north of Guna town in MP. [18] Physiographically, it can be divided into Vindhyan scarp land and Deccan Lava (Malwa) plateau. The Kota Barrage is located near Kota town, where the river emerges from the gorge section into the plateau. The Ranapratap Sagar Dam is a gravity masonry dam of 53.8 metres (177 ft) height built on the Chambal River at Rawatbhata in Rajasthan in India. It ends at a confluence of five rivers, including the Chambal, Kwari, Yamuna, Sind, Pahuj, at Pachnada near Bhareh in Uttar Pradesh state, at the border of Bhind and Etawah districts. The nearest railway station is at Kota, which is at a road distance of 59 kilometres (37 mi), from the dam. In the epic Mahabarat, Charmanwati was the southern boundary of Panchala Kingdom. Bagli (District Dewas) in Madhya Pradesh. It is an earthfill dam with a concrete spillway. [2][3], The dam is located on the Chambal River near Rawatbhata in Rajasthan. Of Rajasthan. [7][8], The Rana Pratap Sagar Dam is a straight masonry gravity structure of 53.8 m (177 ft) height with a length of 1,143 m (3,750 ft). Verma, D. M., N. P. Balakrishnan & R. D. Dixit. In due course of time, this river became famous as the river of ‘charman’ (skin) and was named as Charmanvati.

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