Precision refers to the reproducibility of test results and is a measure of how disperse the values are. One final absorbance is measured which will relate directly to the analyte concentration in the sample. Whether you're a student, an educator, or a lifelong learner, can put you Since science is always advancing, technology is too. The activity of all biochemical reactions is influenced by the pH of its surroundings. The withdrawal of fluid or tissue, e.g. An immunoassay; the solid phase (such as a biochip) for the assay is coated or spotted with antibodies. Cholesterol has somewhat of a bad reputation as it is generally viewed as harmful to the heart. The term given to the systems established within a manufacturing process or operational system to ensure and maintain the quality and consistency of the final product. Mutations can be inherited. Results are not produced directly and the operator will generally have to perform calculations or plot a graph to generate meaningful data. Cardiology is essentially the study, diagnosis and treatment of heart disorders. This cyber security glossary explains the meaning of terms about different types of computer security threats as well as words about application security, access control, network intrusion detection, security awareness training and computer forensics. This is a partial glossary of nautical terms; some remain current, while many date from the 17th to 19th centuries.See also Wiktionary's nautical terms, Category:Nautical terms, and Nautical metaphors in English.See the Further reading section for additional words and references. This blockage deprives the heart of blood and oxygen, therefore causing serious injury to the heart which causes pain in the chest. XLR: A 3-pin male/female connector originally developed by Canon that is commonly used to carry balanced analog audio signals for microphones. In chemical terms; expression of the proportional relationship between response and concentration over a defined range. Insulin enables glucose to be used as energy by the body. The study of all aspects of the immune system and its components, including disorders. The specific biochemical compound or compounds which an enzyme will act upon and convert into product. This field of medicine examines tumours and cancerous conditions and the subsequent treatment options as well as diagnosis. Liquid Chromatography – Mass Spectrophotometry, Compares individual performance to the distribution of peer group results. Sometimes droppers are bundled with free utility ... Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) is an infrastructure protection and resilience directive in the United States that aims to strengthen and ... Definitions about storage and data management including backup/recovery vocabulary, business intelligence terminology, storage area networks and database management. Risk assessment is the identification of hazards that could negatively impact an organization's ability to conduct business. ⬤ What is technology vocabulary in English? A specially cultivated cell which contains components from one or more genomes. A custom made quality control is manufactured to meet a customers own specifications. Technology is using science to solve a problem or create a product. They work by binding and removing the target analyte from a variety of different sample types. A confirmation email will be sent to you! The ideal CVI is <1, which is obtained when your %CV is less then that of the peer group. A gene is the basic biological unit of heredity or genetic features. A hybrid cell produced by the fusion of an antibody-producing lymphocyte with a tumour cell and used to culture continuously a specific monoclonal antibody.

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