Study of basic computer types to their characteristics ,advantages and drawbacks are included within the Learning of fundamentals of computers. Keyboard. Share practice link. MCQ Quiz – Computer History. Bootstrap searches for operating systems. Browse 500 sets of quiz computer fundamentals flashcards. Search Articles. 15: The computer understands ________ language. Solo Practice. 16: An error in a computer program is termed as ____________, 17: The example of a non-impact printer is. CCNA 200-301 Practice Quiz – Networking Fundamental. Note: Please reload the page if this quiz does not load properly. Post navigation. 2: _________ is a historical device that is still used for adding numbers. 8: A micro-program that is stored in ROM at the time of manufacturing is called _________. Dial-Up. Practice. Delete Quiz. 2. 3: The symbols used for writing programs in assembly language is called, 4: The keyboard arrangement for the personal computer is, 5: The following sequence of action does not occur while the computer is turned on. Which is the main unit of personal computer? Computer Fundamentals Questions and Answers multiple choice Online Quiz 1 7%. Print; Share; Edit; Delete; Host a game. CPU (Central Processing Unit) Client-Server Networks. by michellekk. Save. quiz computer fundamentals Flashcards. Objective Questions of Computer Fundamentals have been compiled in a Online Test Quiz for the practice of CCC Nielit Exam, as per new syllabus. 10: ___________ generation of computer is considered to be the age of Vacuum tubes. Aruna-January 20, 2016. 12: The maximum value of  a single digit  in an Octal number system is, 13: The basic architecture of the modern computer is developed by, 14: In 1981, IBM’s first PC is launched by. Edit. Physical parts of computer or tangible parts of computer are called, 15. Aruna-January 19, 2016. Computer Fundamentals. An electronic machine which takes input and gives useful information is called: 13. Question 1 of 15. This quiz is incomplete! Computer Quiz : Computer Fundamentals (Input and Output Devices) – 11 . reserved. Computer Quiz : Computer Fundamentals (Input and Output Devices) – 13. 6th grade . Computer Quiz : Computer Fundamentals (Input and Output Devices) – 14. Classes. Homework. Computer Fundamentals, MCQ Quiz, MCQ-Computer Fundamentals. Computer Fundamentals DRAFT. CCNA 200-301 Practice quiz – Subnetting. After processing input computer gives us some useful results which is called, 7. Diagrams. Computer Fundamentals Online Quiz Buy Book on Computer Fundamentals Social Sharing Tweet. The computer chip that receives and carries out these instructions is called: the ____________. Computer Fundamentals can be describe as the learning or studying some basic functions of computer ranging from their origin to modern-day . Computer Quiz : Computer Fundamentals (Input and Output Devices) – 12. 0. 20: The Analytical Engine was developed during the First generation of the computer that uses _________ as memory. answer choices Students, job seekers or professionals who are preparing for competitive exams, job interviews or jobs test. Computer Fundamentals; Computer Networking; Computer Hardware; Network Security; MCQ Quiz . Which is NOT an input device? Communication. 0% average accuracy. Microphone. Played 0 times. Set of instructions given to the computer for a specific task is called. lmurphy287 TEACHER. This section contains MCQ on Computer fundamentals to test your basic knowledge on the topics. Copyright © 2020 Placement Question, All rights The section consists of 20 questions with multiple-choice options. Search for: Tutorials. NOTICE: Exam simulations ic3 were made by students and Marynet examiners for demonstration and educational purposes. 11. Live Game Live. Mouse. Each question is multiple choice type with a single answer. Question 1 of 15. The operating system files are copied into the main memory. Data or instructions given to the computer for a particular task is called, All Rights Reserved © 2020, Computer Fundamentals MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz 2, Top 50 Basic Computer GK MCQs Most Repeated Questions in Exams, Computer Fundamentals Questions and Answers. Edit. 4. Study sets. Aruna-January 21, 2016. This quiz is incomplete! Play. Computer Fundamentals Interview Questions, Computer Fundamentals Multiple Choice Question (275), Computer Fundamentals True False Choice Question (15), List of the information technology(IT) companies, founder(s) name and founded year, List of countries with capitals and currency, Rajasthan High Court - Jodhpur Recruitment 2017 for Civil Judges, WBSEDCL Recruitment - 2017 for Office Executive, RECRUITMENT OF PROBATIONARY OFFICERS IN STATE BANK OF INDIA, UPSC Combined Medical Services Examination 2015, UPSC Engineering Services Examination 2015, Last date for Rajasthan High Court - Jodhpur Recruitment 2017 for Civil Judges is 21 December 2017, Last date for WBSEDCL Recruitment - 2017 for Office Executive post is 16 May 2017, UGC NET December 2013 all subject answer key, UGC NET December 2013 all subject question paper, Last date for CRPF Recruitment for the Post of Constable (Technical & Tradesmen) is 23 December 2013. 97 terms. CCNA 200-301 Practice Quiz – Networking Fundamental, CCNA 200-301 Practice Quiz – IP Addressing, Peer to Peer and Client-Server Architecture. Monitor. Thank you anyway if you want to report any errors or bugs at:, thus helping us to improve this free service. Before Shifting to advance computer knowledge it’s highly recommended to remember of this subject … To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 11: ____________ is a programming language. 7:  ____________  is an IO device that converts printed document into an electronic format. All computers do processing by following a series of instructions in a software program. 9: Blue ray disk is a type of _________ . Question 2 of 15 2. 0. Facebook Placement Question. 1: The main memory is also called ____________. 6: The unit of measurement for the speed of computer is _____________ . 18: _______________ is considered as the father of artificial intelligence. Finish Editing. 31 minutes ago. This Test is useful for all objective type competitive exams to cover the General Knowledge. 19: Which of the following is the recently created top-level domain. 1. Users Options.

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