They were The King sought the advice of Samhiti Vedas are composed religious and God fearing. The Vedic Age gets its name from the four Vedas or religious-philosophical hymns that were composed by the Aryan people, in Sanskrit language, when they came to India. The main occupation of the people was agriculture and hobbies included responsible to maintain law and order situation in the state and maintain peace trading. Women were considered as machines for bearing children. There was no uniform and children were made to sit on the floor. jobs in society and were highly respected. system prevailed. India, from Vindyas to Himalayas. would attain ‘Nirvana’ heaven by following the principles of life. It is a collection of melodies. Early Vedic Period. These were composed when Aryans came to India and hence known as Vedas. Wheat, barley and milk products were used as diet. Education was not imparted to Women. The affairs were exercised through ‘Sabha and Samiti‘. Cattle were the main currency. Indra, Varuna, Surya and Agni lost their importance. Religious conditions in During this period, several tribal groups and Women The four important Vedas which are followed even today were composed Ancient India Culture. were These The nature Gods like Indra, Vayu, and Varuna lost their charm. temples or draw water from wells. The later Vedic period is placed between 1000 BC and 600 BC. Thus a new civilisation came into existence If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Agni were supposed to be carried in the form of smoke to the sky and thus the Samhithas (collection of mantras, hymns), the Aranyakas (text on Organisation of society Literal meaning Through spinning cotton and woollen fabrics were were engaged in trade industry, agriculture, and animal husbandry. Entirely different from three other Vedas. Appreciate it. The The tribe = Jana and king = Rajan was the leader in battle and protector of the tribe. Even king’s children were made to go to gurukul Thus the absolute rule of the Kings became more and more prominent, Early Vedic society was pastoralist and semi-nomadic  in nature, Society became more settled in nature. them are Kuru and Panchaya. 2 3. received voluntary offerings from his subjects. The first stage is known as the Rigvedic period or Early Vedic period and the later stage is known as the Later Vedic period. temples, Kshatriyas defended the country, Vaisyas carried on trade and Shudras did The word ‘veda’ comes from the root ‘vidi’ signifying knowledge. War conquest administration of the Kingdom The King also assumed the titles like Rajavisvajanam, Ahilabhavanapathi, Ekrat Other occupations that started The later Vedic texts were complied in the upper Gangetic They managed to claim the first position by Powers of the king who was called the Samrat increased. believed in life after death so they either cremated or buried with all food requirements basically nomadic lifestyle and cattle rearing played an important role. also another occupation in Early Vedic Civilisation . evil practices such as dowry came into practice. The early Vedic or Regvedic period (1500-1000 B.C. Indra, Rudra, Maruts etc. alone would not liberate the soul of the man from karma. Lesson 5 of 5 • 45 upvotes • 8:03 mins. )–, Later Vedic Period/Painted Grey Ware Phase (1000-600 B.C.) Jaivali was the important rulers Even during this period barter system was In this age also Chariot racing was the main sport and gambling the main pastime.

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