Annie Use Your Telescope If a classmate agrees with their sentence, they say 'Same here'. When the students have finished, review their sentences together as a class and give feedback. 'At the weekend, I enjoy playing tennis'. Students ne... 10,887 Downloads . When the students have finished, they pair up with someone from the other group (Student A and B). Lobster Two Any action verb can be made into a gerund. Pinyon Script 'This is the clue for one down'. The first player puts a domino down either before or after the domino on the table, making sure the verb in bold matches with the gerund or infinitive, or vice-versa. Henny Penny A gerund is a verb in its ing (present participle) form that functions as a noun that names an activity rather than a person or thing. See our easy worksheets below with explanations and definitions below. For example: In English we have the word "to" in front of the verb as in "to be", "to do", "to make". ... Search results: gerund or infinitive . Kalam something you enjoy doing in your free time. These worksheets offer participle practice so the answers are already included. They do this by reading their sentences to one another, e.g. Comic Neue The other student then writes the gerund in the crossword. All the verbs must be followed by a gerund or infinitive. The students then try to write a true sentence about each person using the verb next to their name followed by a gerund, e.g. Freckle Face The student with the highest number of points wins the game. Students begin with a gap-fill exercise where they complete sentences with the gerund or infinitive form of the verbs in brackets. Lobster When the group members have each decided on a sentence, the student reveals the correct answer. 9 Grammar resources for esl. This grammar activity is for practicing the recognition of verbals: participles, gerunds, infinitives. Verbs with infinitives and gerunds. Home of the old 2009-2014 It isn't wrong (defend) yourself, is it? Email my answers to my teacher, Font: Boogaloo After that, students move on to choose the correct gerund or infinitive forms in a set of sentences. Students then ask questions to their classmates to find a student who has the same interest as them in each category, e.g. Give each group of four a set of dominoes. Give each student a copy of the worksheet. If a player cannot make a sentence, they use their turn to change one of their cards. The students complete each sentence with the verb in brackets in its gerund or infinitive form. In some other languages this would be impossible because one could not insert the adverb into the word; yet because the English infinitive is in two words, it is possible to add an adverb.My opinion? 1. Aldrich For each verb, the students write three sentences about themselves, one true and two false. diagram charts and diagramming worksheets, Buy All Our Kids Printable Worksheets In PDF Organized By Topic In Digital Bundles. It contains This is the infinitive and gerund section of Busy Teacher. 22 This section is aimed at testing your competence in the use of infinitives and gerunds. This printable verb pattern worksheet helps students to practice or review gerunds and infinitives. GI005 - Gerund with preposition Intermediate . Escolar Copyright © 2020 TeachThis Limited. Gi005 gerund with preposition intermediate. Use our diagram charts and diagramming worksheets to "see" how these terms are used, where they fit in sentences and the difference between a gerund and infinitive. The main thing is to learn a new way to use a familiar word or phrase. A collection of English ESL worksheets for home learning, online practice, distance learning and English classes to teach about gerunds, gerunds. When the students have finished writing, they take it in turns to read out their three sentences to the rest of the group. Some of the worksheets for this concept are Identifying verbals, Gerunds infinitives participles, Verbals gerunds participles infinitives, Verbals, The infinitive, Gerunds and infinitives part 3, Gerund infinitives participle quiz, Passive and perfect forms gerunds. Jump down to our manuscript and cursive worksheets with these links: Simple Cursive Printable Gerund Worksheets, See All Our K-6 Digital Interactive Printable Worksheets Here, Manuscript Participle Worksheets With Answers, Participles with Irregular Endings as Adjectives, Cursive Participle Worksheets With Answers, Cursive Irregular Participle Endings as Adjectives, Cursive Present Participial Phrases with -ing. Crafty Girls A. Her website also has videos to go with each lesson. Yanone Kaffeesatz Use in interactive notebooks for online classrooms, Google classroom, distance learning, tutoring and learning pods, and hybrid school. If a sentence is wrong, Student B gives the real answer. See our easy worksheets below with explanations and definitions below. Fredericka the Great Student B listens and tells their partner if the sentences are true or not. If the infinitive is used, the word structure generally includes the word "to" in front of the verb. Here is an engaging gerunds and infinitives game in which students create sentences with words and phrases that are followed by a gerund or infinitive (with or without 'to'). Orbitron The students shuffle the cards and deal them out evenly. The students discuss their sentences in their groups. Divide the students into pairs (A and B) and give each student a corresponding worksheet. Students begin with two gap-fill exercises where they complete sentences with gerunds and then infinitives. The other student listens to the sentence and says whether they think the sentence is correct or not. Gerund. Other languages have this included in their base form of the infinitive. Gerund and Infinitive - Worksheets. Click to find out more ... All of our grammar worksheets are included in one bundle and are the same as the free pages throughout our site. You will find 134 worksheets on this topic as well as a very useful article with some suggestions on how to explain the difference between the two to your students.This worksheet has two straightforward infinitive and gerund practice activities for your intermediate level students.

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