Learn more about how these values are calculated in our article on Parent Rollup Functionality. NOTE: If a parent row has a Predecessor value listed, this dependency relationship will drive the Start dates for each child row making them un-editable. For example, in a construction project, you need to let the foundations set before building the walls. Meaning, if all resources are present, all tasks and activities can be completed together. The easiest way to create a task dependency is to double-click a task and then set dependencies from the right pane. The “Start to Start” dependency says that a task cannot start before the predecessor task starts. NOTE: Dependencies must be enabled on the sheet in order to configure these settings. Ensure your sheet contains at least two date columns, one representing the Start date of tasks and one representing the End date. The settings will be applied to any new sheet with dependencies enabled created by licensed users on the account. Note: All Tasks and Milestones can be set as predecessor/ successor tasks however you can’t set a parent task or a sub parent task as a predecessor/ successor task.This is because parent tasks are essentially summary tasks and parent task dates are auto-calculated from the child tasks under them. Lead with an “e” to indicate duration in elapsed time (e.g. Preferential DependenciesThese are dependencies determined by best protocols, practices, and preferred processes. Lead and lag are two terms associated with the task relationships that may occur between two or more tasks. Lead is the acceleration of a successor activity. The Gantt Menu tab in the excel ribbon will instantly load (see image below). To make changes to the relationships between dependents and their predecessors, click  Edit Predecessors (click on any cell in the Predecessors column). The Start and End dates you select are meant to be the starting point for your scheduling and may shift as your schedule shifts. All Rights Reserved Smartsheet Inc. Project Sheet Columns: Start Date, End Date, Duration, % Complete and Predecessors, Define Working Days, Non-working Days, and Holidays on a Project Sheet. This dependency means that if there are 2 tasks TASK A and B, Task B can’t finish until Task A is completed. Enter the Project Name , Worksheet Name , Project Lead and the Estimated/ Baseline Budget for the Project. Task Dependency is a relationship in which a task or milestone relies on other tasks to be performed before it can be performed. This type of link is rarely used.Example: The wooden window frames for your house are built off-site. Check out our best practice webinars library. Click the gear icon  to access the Project Settings for the sheet. Get a picture of the duration, as well as the start and finish date of your project's tasks Gantt View. One peculiar dependency, which is rarely used, is “start to finish”. See the Help Center article on, Select which columns in your sheet should be used as the Predecessor column and the Duration column. They don’t have to start at the same time: Task B can begin any time after Task A begins.Example: To save time, you want to level concrete at one end of the foundation while it is still being poured at the other end. Instead, you can manually update the Start date and/or Duration of a task and Smartsheet will automatically update the End date for you. Start-to-Start (SS):This dependency means that if there are 2 tasks TASK A and B, Task B can’t start until Task A starts. Learn more about using this feature in our article on Tracking a Project's Critical Path. This predecessor relationship prevents dates in child rows from being directly changed. For example, within technical user stories, there could be internal constraints with lack of skills of not understanding technical terms or processes. They don’t have to start at the same time: Task B can begin any time after Task A begins.Example: To save time, you want to level concrete at one end of the foundation while it is still being poured at the other end. Elapsed time can be used in the Duration column to ignore non-working time (including non-working days and holidays). If using the default Finish-to-Start (FS) or Start-to-Start (SS) predecessor relationship, the Start date will be set automatically based on the dates of the Predecessor task. The in-built auto-scheduling automation of the template is able to update the dates of tasks based on changes that are made to its dependent tasks. Cross-Team DependenciesIn larger companies, cross-team dependencies pose a serious challenge. It does not matter how good a project schedule is, if critical dependencies associated with the project are not included in the description of the effort, they represent considerable risk to delivering project value. Here are a few things to keep in mind about non-working days and holidays in Smartsheet: A System Admin of a multi-user plan can also configure working, non-working and holidays at the account-level. The task dependencies you create using the Predecessors column will also drive the project's critical path. Task B can’t finish until Task A begins. Once dependencies are enabled, your sheet will have the following functionality: To stop using dependencies and remove the automation from the sheet: When you enter a Duration or Predecessor value in a row, the Start and End Dates will populate automatically based on the Working Days schedule established in the Project Settings. Enable Dependencies for automatic task duration calculation. Lead and lag are both used in the development of the project schedule. In the top toolbar select Chart Design > Add Chart Element > Chart Title and select Above Chart. For example, when painting the interior of a house, the order in which the rooms and walls are painted is chosen based on a various factors such as the furniture removal, current needs and preferences. The goal of a project is always successful completion. You can choose from the following dependency types: To represent a period of inactivity or overlap between the predecessor and dependent, you can use lag time. For example, to bake bread you need to first buy the ingredients, then mix them together, then put it in a oven and finally wait for it to bake. This time interval can be set between dependent tasks to allow for required delays. Until Add wiring (A) gets done, you won’t be able to finish Inspect electrical (B). Use a pre-built template or template set. This will overlay a grey bar on each task in the Gantt chart to visualize the progress. A successor task can only start once the defined lag time (specified in days) has elapsed. To do that, select your task information. Check out our Help Center article on Conditional Formatting for more information. Switch to the Insert tab > Charts group and click Bar. e3d, e5h). Task B can finish any time after Task A begins. You can make dependencies on multiple predecessors by entering the row numbers into the cell, separated by a commas (as in row 7 in the image below). (Not sure which plan type you have? You enter lead time as a negative value. The following table includes examples of how to format values in the duration column. Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your working days on a project sheet. There are different types of dependencies in project management that can be categorized in many ways depending on relationships, conditions, and other factors.

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