I am currently using Zentyal 5.0 (based on Ubuntu server and changed the usual lines in its led to mangle the ttl in the fly like I did on dd-wrt. Does any of this make sense?? at com.android.providers.settings.SettingsService$MyShellCommand.onComma Im not saying you didn’t have dial up speeds in your case, all im saying is that it is perfectly possible to have speeds above that when teathering and past 26GB, It seems to be a fairly soft throttle yeah my data seems to have a much larger variance in speeds after 26GB but they certainly don’t throttle it to heck, and as me and some other users on XDA, and Andriod forums determined with packet sniffers and messing around TTL in the main and for the most part only way that traffic is being glaged as hotspot data currently, and the best Android tethering apps do just that edit ttl along with a few other edits to the header to get ps3 / ps4 data hidden. You have to wait till your data rolls over. o regedit add for DefaultTTL REG_DWORD to 65 (41 in hex) on Win 10 Pro Any new ideas. Phone=65 TTL automatically, Win7 ICS router is 64 TTL (made by the above regedit), and the ASUS router mangles the TTL to 63. if you can’t get it to work over usb you can always just get a cheap wifi extender and use that and you current router to get full speeds, if you don’t need full speed(you should still get 40-80Mbs per sec) you can use the dd-wrt router as a repeater bridge and have it pick up the wifi hotspot and do all the edits and send out a second wifi signal that you would then connect to. That is the filename of where I stored this info for any subsequent need. plugged in the phone. Why is my usb tethering so slow using pda net? its i highend 250$ router though and supports 300Mbs p/s on the 802.11n frequencies, i just use it to connect over 2.4ghz and edit the ttl and pass back through to the 5ghz, ive been doing this for years and using 800GBs-2TBs of data each month no issues. Let me know how it all goes for you until I can put in some leg work myself. If it’s on the same, Windows, unit then it’s not going to be affected by the router but it sounds like you would have caught that by the way you present your self. Those are the main to things that WILL hold you up. If we can figure out how to get the phone to except a carrier bundle then we should be able to currupt it and use the unknown but until we can get the phone to except it we are in a intersection of confusion. the connection is there but the console wont connect to the internet. -What I don’t understand is the -o ‘get_wanface’ portion of the code-, I don’t know either. How can you make pdanet faster? I’m using Merlin-WRT, not DD-WRT, so I don’t know if that makes a difference? Those Asus routers should do it, I currently have the Alcatel Linkzone, but I’m capped at 6Gb monthly. This is redundant but has not worked properly many times when I only set to 65. If you only do the VPN you’ll fail etc etc you must do everything needed. Actually I just gave it another try and so far from what I can tell i got it working! Perhaps you could upload via google drive one of your recommended bundles and post the google drive file link here (and any other suggestions on getting it to push). The only modification in the copied firewall command was changing the TTL to 66 Not to say it doesn’t currently work, just that the traffic looks clearly different then what the phone makes, all it would take is a simple firewall update and your tethering wouldn’t work, they seem to currently be redirecting ttls 65,128,256 and somemore in-between. I wonder if there are any companies out there offering unlimited tethering? Failed with return code 2 and error message Even if its plugged into the router it might require a password. The day you guys realize that what I route above is thE ONLY way I’ve ever found to give you 200-280Mbs. ‍♂️‍♂️. DEVICE TTL The phone has a ttl of 64(in base 10) so just add 1 per hop and your good usually you are just one away(wifi hotspot). I couldn’t readily grok how to reply to the author, directly, so I’m dumping it here ––, “Lucubrating”? 3. I don’t know what else to do. Is 20 mbps fast enough to run xbox live effectively? Droid hands package and says don’t open this don’t look in it don’t ask any questions just drop it at this adress and bring me back the other. The phone speed is always above 50+Mbps. ~Since you’ve already edited/corrupted the metro bundle for iso11, why not upload and post it? With VPN on, if I try to use Netflix, it hangs up. Looks to me like T-Mobile has figured out how to deal with all these methods. I’m close but no cigar on this. Pdanet and normal modem which faster for surfing the net? if you aren’t getting 64 on the device then adjust. i`ve tried port-forwarding, setting xbox as the dmz host, static ips? I don’t know enough to write it myself and I haven’t the time right now to study into it. I noticed some posts abut it also not working on Linux machines. Last week I tried all these methods when my connection got throttled: Dun=0, trial version of TunnelBear VPN, Default TTL to 65 via regedit, and now I’ve found success with PdaNet via USB. Can’t remember pwn24k has access. a user agent switcher doesn’t really help much anymore, if you tried it via command prompt go back and check the registry settings to make sure it stuck, for some reason it doesn’t always apply, -i would recommend that you use a custom rom. Thank you for the info. I did pull it and it is in nano. I installed FoxFi and seemed working but after a while, they slowed it again. Unless if something has changed, and I see no reason to change it as we aren’t really doing a security work around. Mine is Nexus 5x 6.01. I have the phone plugged into the PC with USB debugging enabled. Did you write it or pull it from somewhere?? But anyhow, if you are using what T-Mobile considers a “phone or tablet” the data cap is effectively still set at 28GB because after exceeding 26GB, speeds slow way down from throttling. Marc – I’m not sure what you mean by “I have three”. How to make old comuter run faster how to make it faster? at android.os.Binder.onTransact(Binder.java:492) Like us to stay up to date This caused it to revert like we wanted. The domain names are usually alphanumeric for us to remember quickly, but in actuality, the Internet works on IP addresses. at com.android.providers.settings.SettingsProvider.enforceWritePermissio Can i use pdanet with my xbox for xbox live if i don`t have an ethernet cord? think its build 10.3.1?? Chris pfsense is free jusT like all of the other nix. Further complicating things is that in Windows, even though the TTL is 65, everything is throttled. Do I need to mention one of them is maintained by Google? Security exception: Permission denial: writing to settings requires:android.perm Any advice would be much appreciated, and although I want to get as fast a link as possible I’ll be happy if the ps4 will connect at any speed , as sony won’t let me play any games or use any apps unless I have a connection of some sort to their servers… Thanks… D. My bad, Tom M. I meant to write mobile DATA. Jailbroken device it will read it as corrupted and discard it. I shall now convey to him, in mind-boggling, lickety-split fashion (sorry; I’m a metrics freak, y’know), my devoted gratitude for the author’s advice. Thats why jio. Like XBOX that’s why sometimes folks will see their hotspot data go up as well as the regular data. they tell you how to do that with a router. Much faster with USB tethering, which is why we would like to tether to a router and connect that way – but still hiding our tethering. Now I have 3 routers, one for home, 1 for work to share w my workers, 1 in my RV to share w my teenage kids. However when I run my linux machine in Windows10, or a laptop on Windows 10, it throttles, even though if I ping the local ip address for example, it shows TTL is 65.

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