El HTC 10 evo conserva las mismas características, incluyendo pantalla QHD de 5.5 pulgadas, procesador octa-core Snapdragon 810, 3GB de RAM, 32GB de almacenamiento interno, cámara principal de 16 megapixels con estabilización óptica de imagen, lector de huellas dactilares, batería de 3200 mAh y corre Android 7.0 … El HTC 10 evo conserva las mismas características, incluyendo pantalla QHD de 5.5 pulgadas, procesador octa-core Snapdragon 810, 3GB de RAM, 32GB de almacenamiento interno, cámara principal de 16 megapixels con estabilización óptica de imagen, lector de huellas dactilares, batería de 3200 mAh y corre Android 7.0 Nougat. The system on a chip (SoC) has an integrated LTE cellular chip. However, the fixed-focus 8MP camera does not produce the best selfies - they are way too soft. On balance the phone does a good job at recording 4K. While not the sharpest, there are decent amounts of detail. We consider a thinner chassis better because it makes the product more compact and portable. Battery: 3200mAh It is OIS-enabled, but it has a narrower, darker aperture and smaller pixels. The same power is on show though, in terms of being able to shoot in raw mode and take full control of your snaps, and the range of manual controls still impresses. El constructor con sede en Taiwán ha convertido finalmente en internacional su HTC Bolt, ahora conocido como HTC 10 Evo, y su llegada a otros mercados lejanos al … Pixel density is a measurement of a screen's resolution, expressed as the number of pixels per inch (PPI) on the screen. The video resolution toggle is no better, having to go through "MMS video quality" to switch from 1080p to 2160p. That means we had to take a couple of steps back to get the same framing. It offers higher transfer rates, improved reliability, and improved power consumption. Sign up to get breaking news, reviews, opinion, analysis and more, plus the hottest tech deals! Gorilla Glass is one of the most popular brands of chemically strengthened glass, manufactured by Corning. These were great on the HTC 10, and now they’re converted to USB-C they still sound as impressive, but with a new trick: being able to scan their environment. Taking the HTC 10 evo for a photo session during the day will net you some sharp images with pleasing colors. Small semiconductors provide better performance and reduced power consumption. NFC (near-field communication) allows a device to perform simple wireless transactions. Take the resolution toggle for example. Además, es compatible con redes LTE, en este caso tipo Cat6 , por lo que su velocidad de transferencia está asegurada. © The internal storage refers to the built-in storage space available in a device for system data, apps, and user-generated data. sobre 10, Not yet rated By Toda la información sobre smartphones y telefonía móvil. The device has a fingerprint scanner which identifies the user. New York, There's no excuse for this in a €500 phone. 71,9 mm / What hasn't changed since the HTC 10 is the camera UI and that's not a good thing. Devices with stereo speakers deliver sound from independent channels on both left and right sides, creating a richer sound and a better experience. 802.11ac wireless works on the 5GHz frequency range. HTC knows how to make good phones, and the 10 Evo is no exception. If you're going to upload the video to YouTube or another of the big social networks, don't bother with High-Res audio - none of them are going to deliver FLAC to the viewer. If you want to switch between the top 4:3 and 16:9 camera modes, you basically have to tap through all of them. Thinness is a feature highlighted by many manufacturers of mobile devices, but it is essential for a wide range of products. Las cámaras que son de la partida son de 16 megapíxeles la principal, que es capaz de grabar a 4K y que incluye estabilización óptica, y la delantera es de 8 Mpx, lo que posibilita crear vídeo Full HD. En el 10 Evo contamos con una cámara principal –o trasera- con una resolución de 16 MP. Pro mode offers all the manual settings you would expect. Contact us We found that it activates more often than not, even in situations we didn't expect it to. Terms of use, HTC Desire 20+ unveiled with Snapdragon 720G, quad cameras and 5,000mAh battery, Leaked HTC Wildfire E Lite image shows dual cam and fingerprint reader on the back, HTC Wildfire E Lite shows up in the Google Play Console, has specs uncovered, 6. However, the odd price point, lower specs and lack of headphone jack might make this a tough sell. Además, contamos también con cámara frontal o secundaria , que tiene una resolución de 8 MP. It is a quick-access, temporary virtual storage that can be read and changed in any order, thus enabling fast data processing. You don't even have to aim for the slider itself - sliding up or down anywhere on the screen will do the trick. Damage-resistant glass (such as Corning Gorilla Glass or Asahi Dragontrail Glass) is thin, lightweight, and can withstand high levels of force. The brand told us that it saw a gap in the market for a phone with some flagship features but at a lower cost – this is a phone that’s 10-15% cheaper, but with a lower-spec chipset and less RAM than HTC's main flagship device. Privacy Tiene una densidad de píxeles de 536 ppp. Rear camera: 16MP This is so the phone doesn’t feel as cumbersome in the hand, given that you’re stretching the palm further to accommodate the larger screen size, but in truth it actually looks nicer, making the chamfered edges (‘sculpted by light’, if you’re into HTC’s marketing doublespeak) shine that little bit more.

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