Therefore, the scope of Real Estate ... Introduction to Real Estate Guide To Real esTaTe invesTinG introduction 3 these tenants are willing to pay more than the average renter will pay. That’s because inflation tends to force higher real estate prices and because the M. Offer to Purchase Real Estate 7-10 N. Standard Condominium P&S Agreement 7-11 O. Real estate offers many ways to invest and that’s why it is important for real estate investors to develop a focus in order to gain the depth of knowledge essential to becoming successful. Related Web Sites R. Chapter 7 Quiz 7-20 CHAPTER 8 MORTGAGES 8-1 MORTGAGE INSTRUMENTS – FINANCING … PDF | Purpose of the Book Real Estate Development and Management (REDM) is multi-disciplinary in nature. Purchase & Sale Agreement 7-15 P. Key Words and Phrases 7-19 Q. • CReaTe a hedGe aGainsT inflaTion – even in times of inflation, opportunities abound with real estate. Real Estate Principles, Eleventh Edition Charles J. Jacobus Vice President/Editor-in-Chief: Dave Shaut Executive Editor: Scott Person ... chapter 1 Introduction to Real Estate 1 HOW TO READ THIS BOOK 1 TRANSACTION OVERVIEW 2 CHAPTER ORGANIZATION 2 CAREER OPPORTUNITIES 4 ResidentialBrokerage 4

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