have tried and love it too! }); IP-Lux80 on Meat/Stew Setting with the “More” Adjustment for 15min. What amazing flavor, the meat  was tender and amazing! I have all the ingredients already. The mixture smelt really good before cooking, but once cooked it was terrible. Not at all! So did I! Yes, I highly recommend! I would try this for my friends to taste and give reviews. I am confident this recipe will be AMAZING! Thanks so much! Make it you will be happy and full. I haven’t posted in a long time! What do you recommend? Pressure cooking cooking time goes by the size of what you’re cooking, not the amount. The seasoning and flavors in the instant soup package paired with the dehydrated vegetables need to produce a vibrant and fortifying broth, while the noodles should soak up all that flavor whilst maintaining the chewiness that tells you you’re eating something. It did have a good flavor, but there was way too much liquid even after the cornstarch. I can hardly believe how fast it was to put it all together! The meat came out tender and very flavorful. Also, I find that mixing the beef in cornstarch and then browning at the start works well. This looks yum I will be trying this week. I used a couple of steaks that we had instead of chuck. Thank you. Made this wonderful recipe last night – first try at beef in the Instant Pot! It was definitely an immediate family favorite. Did anybody else have this experience? The cooking time is just wrong for this dish. The sesame oil flavor works well most of these ramen noodle soups. Just made this, and it was fantastic! We take pains to ensure our site is accurate and up to date, but some information might be different than what you find by visiting a vendor website. Thanks . It also retained its curvy shape even after several minutes of chillin’ in the broth. Could this be made in a crockpot, oven, or simmered on stove top? }); The first thing most Korean boys learn how to make is instant ramen and most of them probably go through life without learning how to make anything else (or make well at least). Happy to hear you’re enjoying the recipes! Seriously, I doubt I will ever try any kind of beef recipe in the InstantPot again after ruining a much awaited Sunday dinner like this. The sauce is amazing and the beef was so tender! The beef was so tender and it was packed with flavor in every bite. I made this as per directions, but with more liquid as my multi cooker requires a minimum of 1.5 C. for pressure cooking. Thanks for creating an IP recipe that sounds yummy and easy. that is saying a lot, sense i am a 60? Can’t wait to see everything else you come up with! Not sure why it didn’t turn out for you, it was fantastic when I made it! Great combination & the colors are very appealing. Sadly, this didn’t turn out very well for me. Give me some good news on a fix, please! Let me tell you, this stuff is amazing! Or when it’s in sauté mode? Meanwhile, heat a pot over low heat and add sesame oil, green onions and gochugaru. However, Shin Ramyun’s bold, spicy flavor, and the consistency of their noodles from start to finish made it the cream of the crop in this truly tasty battle. This recipe is most definitely, DAMN DELICIOUS! Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. The soup base is viscous (probably why it’s a tang/stew), the noodles are much thicker, and the taste sweeter than the other ramen brands I tested. Awful. Are you sure you used the right cut of meat? I didn’t have a chuck roast but I had chuck steaks and used those. Thanks again. I did Jasmine rice separately on the stovetop. We started adding snow peas that we microwaved in bag then dumped in after the meat cooked. Here is a great article discussing the two: https://www.pressurecookrecipes.com/pressure-release-natural-quick-release/. Although the pre-packaged “vegetables” weren’t anything spectacular, the depth of spicy flavors along with the nice texture of the noodles made this my top choice for spicy Korean ramen. We enjoyed it very much and served it over brown rice. The broth seemed a bit weaker and less spicier compared to the other ramens at first glance, and as it turns out Samyang ramen was definitely the least spiciest out of the bunch. Yes, the leftovers should reheat very well! Also, I had a lot of sauce  For only 1 lB of meat so I stirred the rice right in to absorb and my husband just loved it! Will definitely be making this again. What a great idea – carrots and broccoli would be great additions! Just put everything in a ziplock bag and dump into the IP and cook when you get home. …and I didn’t mention – this was my first instant pot meal and I was very excited. Nice recipe with korean beef. Do you see any problems with cooking these in a 8 qrt instant pot? Ottogi Jin Ramen (Mild Taste) is an Asian style instant cup noodle where you can enjoy the harmony of chewy noodles, beef bone stock, and aged mild spicy taste. I’m making two batches–one in the slow cooker and the other in IP. Most of the meat was perfect, but some was still a little chewy. Also, no actual “explosions” with Instant Pots! I would even serve it to company!! Does the meat have to be submerged? This was very, very good! Bring mixture to a boil. Bummer! I looked at some other recipes out there with this kind of beef in the Instant Pot, including your beef stew recipe, which looked great and was a 30 minute cooking time.. What gives?? Can you please clarify I should (or should not) quick release with this recipe? This was my first time using an instapot and I was terrified. I had one large meal out of it for me plus two more meals to take to work. I hope you get to give it a try again without it – it’s truly one of my favorites! It was diluted but I could still see this dishes potential. Although they share the same name, nobody would seriously compare instant ramen to actual ramen shops that cook their broth for days, use fresh noodles, and put a couple fatty slices of braised pork on top. My husband can’t get enough. With all of that, I was pleasantly surprised that there actually is a high level of variation among instant ramen brands (aside from just how spicy it is), and there is more depth and nuance within each than I ever expected. I didn’t have any ginger on hand, but still turned out wonderful. I made this exactly like the recipe and it was delicious. . Making this for the second time. window.adthrive = window.adthrive || {}; This was super tasty!! All of that needs to come together into one soul restoring, drama reducing, and hunger abating bowl that is miles ahead of the competition when comparing the time and effort put in with what comes out. In Japan, the instant ramen came from a deep rooted love of traditional ramen. p.s. Came out great! My son doesn’t usually care for beef but LOVES this recipe. And although the instant noodles are food for masses, it was made premium by adding Hanwoo, a premium and expensive Korean beef. I plan on making this again. Honestly, there is no better drunk food than instant ramen (and mine needs to be spicy). This rarely happens with my kids. A lot of people had mentioned the beef being too overdone or chewy, it really depends on the cut of beef you use, not necessarily the cooking time. I did add 10 extra minutes to the cooking time and it was perfectly tender. But unfortunately, without having tried this myself, I cannot answer with certainty. If you use top sirloin meat and cut into the 1 inch cubes it does work perfectly for melt in your mouth tenderness. For some of the reviewers whose beef wasn’t tender, I’m wondering if you purchased the right cut. I was wondering if this could be made up ahead of time and marinate all day to save time in preparing after work. Unfortunately, without further recipe testing, I cannot answer with certainty. My husband is of Korean decent from Hawaii and we found this recipe we were thrilled! Any suggestions? Add red hot pepper flake to mine just because I love spice. However, we’ll continue to bulk up this list in conjunction with my healing stomach. I just made this for the first time and it is so delicious!!! Not sure how that’s even possible. It has a simple savory broth, yet it has some hearty flavors that even meat lovers will enjoy! This is seriously one of the easiest meals I have ever made. I made the beef exactly as directed with slightly less sriracha for my daughter. It’s amazing. So good!!! Just doubling the sauce!! Hi! The first time it was delicious. When Shin Ramyun Black came onto the scene a … With the time needed to get to pressure and release pressure (even with QR), it’s much closer to 45 or 50 minutes than 25. Yes, we all realize there weren’t any actual explosions. Grew up working as a bus boy, host, waiter, kitchen helper... every job that didn't require me to cook at my parents' restaurant. Flavors are spot on. Amazing!!! A great recipe and delicious dish.

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