His power set makes him a mix of Superman, Hulk and Scarlet Witch as he has abilities of flight, super-strength, speed, invulnerability, energy projection and molecular manipulation. DCEU's main superhero squad is still developing but this November, we expect them to be very badass in Justice League. It looked like he’d sacrificed himself at one point, but he came back and made people fear him and the greatness of his powers. Galactus is the devourer or worlds and the definition of chaos in the universe. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This is all not to mention that Super-Skrull could easily pose as someone else to get close and hit Superman before he even knows what’s happening. Recently, we saw the Marcus Milton version and his Squadron Supreme fight alongside the Avengers, but things got to a Man of Steel level as Hyperion decapitated and killed Namor, who was already in the bad books for his Wakandan attack. This is how evil Ultimate Reed -- a.k.a. Some fans might do a double take on this particular entry, and we wouldn't blame them. Feasting upon a sun adds to its power, which can get out of the control of its host. Let us know in the comments which Marvel villains you think are strong enough to take out the DCEU's Justice League! Putting a hero whose “power” is having the strength and agility of a squirrel against Superman? It’s been shown that Superman is susceptible to telepathic attacks and has admitted that being mind-controlled is a major fear for him. Plus, his surfboard is part of him and is definitely considered a weapon. Some figures can go toe-to-toe with Superman in terms of strength. He can also create hurricanes and trap opponents in its tendrils, inflicting trauma and nightmares. There’s also the thing about Superman having trouble breathing in space, which is the Surfer’s “home turf.” Norrin Radd may be calm much of the time, but in combat, he can be amazingly ruthless if need be. For years, the Squadron Supreme were a major in-joke. With or without them, though, he has the strength to subdue the crew. After literally tearing Ares apart in Marvel's Siege, we can't see the likes of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman or Cyborg faring much better. Doom has always been a handful, not just for the Fantastic Four, but for the Avengers as well. With Flash, he'd probably set Iris to keep jumping through time so Flash is always busy. His speed, durability and his ability to regenerate give him the edge to tackle the Kryptonian and the Amazon princess; with them gone, and the Squadron at his back, the League would be child's play. Reed would hack Cyborg and use his Mother Box tech to open up portals for attacks from all walks of the galaxy. But what if 15 Marvel villains came to battle the cinematic Justice League? In closing, let me remind you that the geek shall inherit the Earth. There are also his magical powers, which are always a weakness for the Man of Steel. SPOILER WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead for the DCEU movies. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. RELATED: X-Men: 5 Reasons Magneto Is Better As A Villain (& 5 He's Better As A Hero) While Poseidon's Trident could probably do some damage to Magneto, Aquaman still has blood with iron in it, meaning if Magneto doesn't want the fight to go a long time, it won't. He is above such concepts. A big factor is the Sentry’s literal dark side, The Void. Reality, space and time will be under his control, so he would be overpowered enough to deal with the best of the Justice League and claim a victory for the ages. The man draws power from the dark sides of human nature and that gives him more of an edge in a fight. If they’re fighting in a city, Magneto can basically turn their surroundings into an ammo dump to hurl buildings, bridges, cars and more at Superman. Mephisto’s sheer power is deadly enough thanks to his supernatural abilities, and he can call on an army of demons to weaken Superman. I also write about music in terms of punk, indie, hardcore and emo because well, they rock! His obsession with Lady Death means that worlds are there to be conquered and lives are meant to be taken. The man even became ruler of Hell for a bit, which proves he’s got the power to give Superman a harsh ride. Obviously, with the Infinity Gauntlet, this fight could be over before it even starts. The most astounding part of it was when we saw that Superman was actually able to hold Thor's hammer. The Imperial Guard are the elite warriors of the Shi’ar Empire who protect hundreds of worlds. It’s been shown that his strength relies on his utter confidence as the more he anticipates victory, the stronger he can be. If he wanted to, The Beyonder could wipe the entire DC universe out with the blink of an eye. Superman is strong but Gladiator is used to cosmic threats and his military experience makes him ruthless enough to take down Superman. However, Squirrel Girl is secretly one of the biggest powerhouses in the Marvel Universe. Apocalypse would be able to take out Cyborg and Batman easily, although we can see Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman giving him a run for his money if combined in a unified force. Steve Trevor's crash, Aquaman's birth mother and the Mother Box used to form Cyborg would all be erased if he had the chance, making Kang just as evil as, say, Professor Zoom... but much more devious. She could definitely hold her own against Superman. Owen Reece (his human identity) can alter molecules, force fields, energy beams, and hyperspace portals; allowing him the ability to mold the multiverse as well. Thanks to various cosmic accidents, Carol has a power potential even she isn’t fully aware of fully. An enemy who can be anyone around you (and even unseen totally) is very dangerous! However, if they were fighting in space, Carol clearly has the edge in terms of sheer power. The man is a demonic being and that’s a power even the Man of Steel would have a hard time taking down. But what if he fought Superman? A one-stop shop for all things video games. Others can manipulate magic, one of Superman’s key weaknesses. So far, they have added Cyborg, Flash and Aquaman. Magneto’s powers are trickier than most expect, though! Superman would try to see the good in him while Loki would be running rings around him with his schemes, tricks and more. This monstrous figure is held back by various rules of the higher powers to just invade Earth but he keeps trying. Well, there actually has been a Marvel/DC crossover in which Superman teams up with The Fantastic Four to do just that!

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