Marcato Classic Nudelmaschine Atlas 150. Easy Peasy!! Stainless steel doesn’t mean you can wash or clean it with water. Marcato offers a lot more available attachments, where Imperia’s collection of attachments is a bit lacking. In this pasta roller comparison we will look at the differences, reviewing both what we like and dislike about these pasta makers. Silky smooth pasta rolled and cut evenly by the machine with little effort left me with the feeling that the expense was definitely worth it. The reviewer attributes this to the manufacturer taking shortcuts by the use of more internal plastic parts. Successful pasta first try!!! If you don’t trust the anodized aluminum rollers, you should avoid the Wellness models. If you’re looking for the best, just go for the Marcato. When researching a product I am intending to buy, low maintenance, ease of use, price, and (most importantly) longevity are the factors that determine which product I buy. Put flour into food processor, pulse a few times to add air. I came here looking for information on that very attachment on the Cucinapro and if it would fit on the Marcato. Roundup: Both companies know how to manufacture high quality pasta makers and they are going for the long run. A total 10 years of warranty, a premium design and plenty of optional upgrades such at the attachments and even the motorized upgrade that works perfectly. Easy and fast to use as both hands are free, it’s a great choice for making pasta more often. Ofcourse, the pasta dough plays a huge role. Hi A.J. I do not want to purchase a product that has a long warranty but that repeatedly breaks down that I would have to deal with either. The Imperia motor attachment does not work with the Atlas machine. The Imperia machines are decently built, but I had a few minor issues with two of their machines. Marcato Linguine Cutter Attachment, Made in Italy, Works with Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, 7 x 2.75-Inches. Roundup: Both the Marcato and the Imperia have their own first-party compatibile motors that can motorize the machine. t is important to look at the warranty. If you start off thin, you will burn out the motor. No dried pasta can compare to the taste of fresh homemade, and luckily the world’s most popular pasta machine is also the most versatile. If you want a good look at the Marcato, watch the video below to see how great it looks and how easy it is to operate. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. If the Imperia is priced lower, its a great choice as a budget high quality pasta maker. The Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness has a standard warranty of 2 years, but Marcato adds another 8 years which sums up to a total amount of 10 years. From the beautiful beveled logo to the nine different colors that the Marcato is available in: it just looks and definitely feels right. Both manufacture their pasta rollers in Italy and have been at in since the early 1900’s. Ich würde sie wieder kaufen! I’ll also contact both companies and see if they can provide a bit of extra information. It still works after all these years, but I’ve always used it with caution. I haven’t found what the material of the rollers was before this time period. Nine different colors? There's a problem loading this menu right now. Fold in thirds and repeat. Italian is one of our favorites, but we never made our own pasta. Roundup: Hands down, the Marcato is the absolute winner if we are comparing the warranty. Very slanted, opinionated review rather than objective. Bought the Marcato Atlas online yesterday and made fettuccine and spaghetti today for my family of five. Very laughable. A picture shows a plastic piece that is broken resulting in the rolling mechanism no longer working properly. Wipes clean with a dry brush or cloth after each use. Especially the wooden handle is a lovely touch and it lovely on the shiny Imperia. The two pasta rollers can be turned into real motorized pasta machines with their respective motor attachments. While we tested the motor attachment for the Marcato, I didn’t test it for the Imperia. The Atlas Pasta Machine is equipped to attach a Pasta Drive motor or any of 12 pasta cutting accessories that are sold separately. Nothing tastes better than fresh authentic homemade pasta and learning how to make fresh pasta couldn’t be easier! So is >50 years old and in perfect condition. Norpro Pasta Machine Motor, White 4.1 out of 5 stars 138. This demonstrates the company’s trust in the product, and it is definitely a good thought to have in the back of your head. Cutting in half the dough I was sure the dough used with both machines was the same. After careful consideration, I elected to purchase this model based on the multiple positive reviews. Both pasta makers feature a 6-inch wide roller, which means that the maximum width of the dough sheets are 6 inches. Turn out onto floured surface and kneed until blended and the dough doesn't stick to your hands/fingers. One of the most important aspects of any pasta maker are the attachments, not only what types of pasta they can make but also how well your homemade pasta is when using these attachments. On the other side, I am looking for a Bigoli attachement, but not available for Imperia, other than a very expensive standing alone Torchio (bronze). Really, as long as your dough is great most pasta rollers do a decent job. Lay on paper towels to dry. Bottomline: The Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 is the best manual pasta maker out there. Do not kneed too much as the machine will do that for you. Wipes clean with a dry brush or cloth after each use. That being said, the motor attachment works great on the Marcato Atlas 150 and my 180 model as well. Other models, on the other hand, are designed to make tagliatelle and fettuccine. Featuring a classic and high-class design, you get the feeling you are looking at a high quality product. Marcato does offer the Atlas 180 model, but none of the 150 attachment will work on this machine. I have contacted Marcato and the following was their reaction: “Our is an suitable aluminum for food use, there aren’t chances that machine will chip off because it’s not a coating but an induration of materials.”. Both these machines are excellent pasta rollers, but there are some differences between them that you should know about. Important, don’t buy the 180 if you want to expand with more attachments. Filed Under: Review Tagged With: Comparison, Imperia, Marcato.

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