in the following it was mentioned about 3 types of controller including state feedback, optimal feedback and Kalman filter. Modern Electric Vehicle Technology covers multidisciplinary aspects of electric vehicles (EVs), and is written for a wide coverage of readers including students, researchers, engineers and administrators. h (voltage 366 V), Basic configuration of this model (in comparison with the Mo, compartment in tight parking spaces (the required distance for, (when connected to a home network of alternating voltage of 22, gravity and to the perfect weight distribution between the axl, one - entertainment information system with 17, The touch screen (Fig. Guriyanov V. Verification on roads. Rapid technology cycles, frequently changing consumer preferences and increasing market competition, provide consumers with an opportunity to use products with more functions and better quality at a cheaper price. - System of battery power-off in an emergency; - steel reinforced and therefore durable aluminum housing; - a small size motor located on the rear axle, whereby the crumple zo, - isolation of the vehicle control system of information and e, - position sensors of driver and passenger seat, adjusting the op. Fig. Znaemskiy S. News. resource:; All interesting facts about Tesla Model X, well-known today. Verification on roads. To implement the proposed methodology we used implicit difference schemes. -2015. To achieve the research purpose it was studied the dynamic of change concentration of different pollutants that have been fixed on monitoring station of air quality in Dnipropetrovsk city. To solve hydrodynamic task of determining velocity field of wind flow in streets the model of separated flows of an inviscid fluid was used; to solve the task of the calculation process of dispersion pollution the equation of convective-diffusion transfer of pollutant was used. well as all features of a real Internet browser. -Moscow, -2003, -224 p.; Znaemskiy S. Verification on roads. Kalashnikov S. All interesting facts about Tesla Model X, well-known today [Electronic resource] // Moscow Tesla It allows conducting the computational experiments for evaluation the level of air pollution from vehicle emissions on the streets when several buildings are located on the scheme «street canyon». The coming years a few electric vehicles will emerge on the market that are powered by a rechargeable battery. Consequently, these products quickly become technologically, psychologically, or economically obsolete even before the actual end of their physical life/economic value resulting in shorter product life cycles. Conducting such class of computational experiments is necessary in the case of reconstruction of city microregions, during the planning and construction of new highways, change in the structure of traffic in the city. Methodology. Daniels D. Modern automotive technology: the textbook. – P. 22-28; five reasons to admire and to fear [Electronic resource. Acceleration. These products are often disposed as landfill. First results indicate growing interest and promising potential of upgradability as a product lifetime extension strategy, especially given the increasing importance of a product's middle of life phase in the context of Product-Service Systems (PSS). -2009. However, our findings show that research on upgradable PSS is still dominated by theoretical work and more empirical research is necessary to further establish this concept. The world sale results of Electric vehicles are announced [Electronic resource]. T, thus improving the autopilot function, which beco, amount. It was provided due to, - a heavy flat battery located at the bottom, made of heavy. EVs will reduce emissions per mile of HC, CO, and NOx, compared to stringently controlled ICEVs. Currently, the electric vehicles equipped with pure mechanical electronically controlled CVT have passed the bench test and loading operation. up. If the development of high-performance batteries continues as expected, advanced electric vehicles could have an urban range of over 150 miles and acceleration comparable to that provided by internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs). Kilowatts and quietness // Autoreview.

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