Great reasons to register with NHS Employers, NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook, Very senior managers - SpHAs, ambulance trusts, Diversity and Inclusion Partners Programme, Pay protection under the 2002 Terms and Conditions, 2002 Terms and Conditions of Service and associated documents, Pre-2016 less than full-time training arrangements. It will be included with the other NHS income on the monthly schedules and hence will be taxed as income of the company. Typically, employees are able to claim statutory maternity pay, maternity leave and time off work for antenatal appoints when they are pregnant. Again, the exact set up of the business will determine whether the individual is responsible for organising this or if a practice manager or owner should manage these payments. Paternity leave payments are made to dentists for up to two weeks' leave, at a maximum of £1,399 per week. NHS trusts can create their own maternity leave arrangements for doctors not employed under national agreements. I have been reading up about the crazy maternity benefits which dentists can get (as long as they meet the criteria). Here are the answers to some of the additional frequently asked questions we encountered with some useful links to further assist you: If you are a Director of your own limited company and you receive a tax-efficient salary from your company, you will be entitled to claim statutory maternity pay from HMRC. When you get treatment from your NHS dentist, it’ll fall into one of three bands. Doctors and dentists We check the NHS website daily to update our lists of dentists taking on new patients to make finding an NHS dentist as easy as possible. Although NHS maternity leave is only paid for a maximum of 26 weeks, you can receive SMP or maternity allowance for 39 weeks. Usually, the company pays the relevant amount of statutory maternity pay to the individual and then claims it back from the government. From the detail available to NHS Employers, it suggests that the maternity pay will be based on the “average weekly earnings rules used for calculating Statutory Maternity Pay entitlements”. The simplest things, like a check-up, will be Band 1. However, it does state that the maternity pay will be revised in the event of the pay award or annual increment being implemented before the paid maternity leave period begins. Use our NHS Maternity Pay Calculator to see how much will arrive in your bank account each month. L00byL0u Fri 06-Sep-19 20:13:45. However, the exact nature of the company structure could affect the taxable nature of these payments so it’s advisable to check your tax liability with HMRC. This takes effect after a period of four weeks, and will be paid to a maximum of 22 weeks, for any period of sickness. This allowance is for registered dentists who give birth to a child, after 24 weeks of pregnancy. But what if you happen to be a pregnant NHS dentist? This monthly amount is multiplied by 12 and then divided by 52 to produce the weekly amount of your parental leave payments that you would be entitled to. View our cookie policy. 12075095 List of the Directors available from the Registered Address. Whether or not dental practice managers and owners are required to make maternity payments will depend on the individual’s eligibility and their working arrangements. A comprehensive service to keep journalists informed about the work of NHS Employers. To claim this allowance, download the GP225 claim form below or request it from your local NHS Board. View all the latest news, blogs and features from the BMA. Develop your learning by completing our courses on a range of topics, which will help you to progress your career. not be unfairly dismissed because of pregnancy or childbirth. My view is that the NHS maternity pay does not need to go through the payroll. The two week period can be split into two one week periods. This payment is made to a registered dentist who has adopted a child. Where women work for more than one employer, they can exercise their maternity rights separately in relation to each.

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