To qualify simply spend over £75 with us, on any one order, minus any delivery fees.You will then receive an Silverpoint Hunter XL120RL LED Head Torch completely FREE! A battery protection circuit is incorporated that provides over-discharge, over-charge and anti short circuiting protection. We use cookies on this website. The OLED display provides information about the current status of the TUP when the light is turned on. Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteryIntegrated intelligent Li-ion battery charging circuitOver-discharge, overcharge and short circuit protectionsDual switch design with direct access to turboFeatures five brightness levelsAdvanced temperature regulationRear suspension ring for key ring attachmentLightweight, compact and portable, Turbo: 1000 lumens; 15 minutes run-time; 180 m beam range*High: 200 lumens; 3 hours run-time; 75 m beam rangeMid: 65 lumens; 9 hours, 45 minutes run-time; 46 m beam rangeLow: 15 lumens; 19 hours run-time; 22 m beam rangeultra-low: 1 lumen; 70 hours run-time; 7 m beam range. There is also a display demonstration function, but it is for demonstration purposes only and not a reflection of the light status. Lockout 2 is a full lockout mode and disables all output functions. Note: *Turbo mode is a manually operated momentary function and the run-time is tested without temperature regulation active. You are free to manage these via your browser settings at any time. The built-in 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery is charged via a micro USB charging port (cable not included). This is a cable which has a USB cable with type A plug at one end and a micro type B five pin plug at the other end, the cable is 1.5 metres in length. In standby the TUP has an ultra-low parasitic drain of iuA for unprecedented battery life. The magnetic tail enables a hands-free user experience. This powerful keychain flashlight can fit easily in your pocket or keychain measuring only 7cm in length and only 53.2 g including clip, perfect tool for any bag. This mode is recommended if the TUP will only be used occasionally for short time periods. VAT Registration No: GB 894 8224 78. When the battery voltage is below 3.4 V the power indicator beneath the buttons will flash blue every 2 seconds to inform the user to charge the battery. I know it’s expensive! When in demo mode the light will only activate for 30 seconds with a timer showing on the display and if untouched in this time the light will go out, which is useful if you are quickly using the light to open a door or accidentally turn the light on without knowing. Receive a great FREE GIFT from Torch Direct. A maximum output of 1000 lumens is possible from the Cree XP-L HD V6 LED and the total reflective optic lens provides a soft uniform light that can shine up to 180 metres distance. Lockout 1 is a half lockout mode and disables the use of the power button, however you can still hold down the mode button to access turbo should you still need partial access to light in an emergency. Blue LED indicators built into the switch will blink slowly while charging is in progress and turn solid blue once charging is complete. The Nitecore TIP2 is the next generation in the TIP series with a new look design and features, but still has some of the same great features such as two user modes, a dual switch design and four brightness levels. The TUP will remember the last used brightness level the next time it is turned on. It’s capability for going up to 1000 lumens is an important one, I have only used it once to scare a potential intruder off, but it worked, he was running away from me as I had my torch on max, it’s a great deterrent, much better than caring a knife of any sort. It has loads of uses as it is so small. Rechargeable via USB with a built in 1200mAh li-ion battery, which is equivalent to two RCR123 cells. Sign up for our FREE Torch Direct newsletter and receive the latest news, product information and special offers! Ultra-low can be instantly accessed while the light is off by holding down the power button. An included carabiner key ring allows you to easily attach the TUP to your keys or a bag strap so that it is always on hand, or you can use the deep carry pocket clip to securely hold it in your pocket or attach to the peak of a cap for hands free use. This is a kit comprising of an Xtar USB UK mains charging adaptor and a micro USB charging cable.

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