Graham Humbert I really struggle to understand him sometimes. Actors are mostly from Britain ...which makes sense since a large portion of timeline has been set outside of North America ? Club knows that TV shows keep going even if we’re not writing at length about them, we’re experimenting with discussion posts. By He is portrayed by Jamie Dornan. Hyde sounds a lot like him on that movie. Want scoop on Once, or for any other show? Emma asks everyone to scram, so that she can be alone with the reinforced reality that Saviors must die. Romance(s): Generally happens at the end of sentences. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. — but Emma says she would not have changed a thing, that she found real magic in her life, in him. Belle is … Aladdin translates to the Once Upon A Time world better than most. Back at the cop shop, Shirin eventually reveals that she is in fact Princess Jasmine, and she has been looking for Aladdin — “the Savior.” The Purely Evil Queen, meanwhile, tries to find out from Archie what Emma has been sharing in their sessions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnceUponATime community, Press J to jump to the feed. He is shown to be selfish, heartless, unkind, and snobbish. While the Evil Queen treats Zelena to a spa day, where she convinces her sis to embrace her wicked side, for daughter Robin’s benefit, Regina shares with Emma a potion that will lead them to Aladdin, following “like magic” and all that. Angry, she rips out his heart instead and makes him her servant, putting his heart in the vault instead. He chases her and eventually finds her, but discovers that she had used her time to write a farewell letter to Regina. When Regina unleashes the first Dark Curse, Graham becomes the town sheriff. With Emma’s nudging, Aladdin finds Jasmine and reveals himself to her. He deliberately plants the royal scarab of Agrabah, an item Jasmine once gave him, on a skeleton inside a crypt, in order to mislead her into believing he died a long time ago. Regina Mills (forced) 5. Werewolves (foster family) It is then that he and Emma share another kiss, this time all of Graham's memories are returned. As Aladdin walks away, the shears magically appear in his Kenneth Cole messenger bag…. | Emma led Archie into the woods on a search for the seer, only to find the young woman dead — and teacher’s aide Shirin fleeing the scene. Deniz Akdeniz, Actor: The Flight Attendant. Graham's death is later dismissed as a heart attack. the Aladdin thread - Jafar, Jasmine, and Aladdin all have weirdly British accents. I just figured it was some odd accent from where he's from. Graham confronts Emma about it, and kisses her briefly, causing some of Graham's memories of the Enchanted Forest to come back. Heartbroken, Regina decides to physically break Graham's heart and crushes it, killing him. After Emma and Regina get into a fight, Graham tells Regina that he doesn't want to continue their relationship, saying that he doesn't feel anything for her and longs for a relationship where he does feel something. Afterward, Aladdin invites Jasmine to come with him to track down and vanquish Jafar, but she declines, needing to stay behind and get Agrabah back up on its feet. Looking for his heart, Graham goes to the tomb of Regina's father, because the same symbol that was on Regina's vault is on the tomb. It is, and I think Jon Snow sounds better. Zelena and Robin Hood are from England though. Hair Color: Human Why? The Expanse Renewed for Sixth and Final Season — Who's Not Returning? I obviously don't mind a character having an accent but I'd rather it was done well, instead of some mangled cockney Brummie and whatever else blend. Advertisement. Prince Achmedis a rich prince who appeared as a minor antagonist in Disney's 1992 animated feature film, Aladdin. Heart crushed by Regina Mills He should just shut up and take his shirt off. Graham's gallery is available here.

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