Galactus got wrecked by Mjolnir every time it hit, Galactus was obliterated by Odin. That is your logic. BUT THEY COULD NOT STAND AGAINST THE ARISEN(DESTINY HOLDER OF UNIVERSE) WHO IS AN AVERAGE CELESTIAL.BIT OAA IS EXTREMELY FAR SUPERIOR THAN ARISEN AND COMBINED ALL FOURTH HOST IS NOTHING TO HIM. OAA the celestial is the armoured form of the fulcrum and can easily beat galactus or fully fed galactus or lifebringer galctus or two or four galctus or anything like galactus. Neither have anything to do with his level of power, the more he eats does not mean he gets a quadrillion times as powerful. However, once the two villains went toe-to-toe and unfortunately for the Devourer of Planets, Doctor Doom dismantled him in just about the most brutal way possible. It was never said that the more he consumes, the stronger he becomes in a significant sense. It's part of the big picture the Celestials are subject to, not above it. You bet, sure. No magic, no weapon, good old fashion brute force headbut wrecked Galactus. He is the overall arch-nemesis of the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Code White, the New Avengers and the Skrulls. OAA the celestial is the armoured form of the fulcrum and can easily beat galactus or fully fed galactus or lifebringer galctus or two or four galctus or anything like galactus. ProfessorRespect The One-Below-All, empowered by the transformation, was able to take a semi physical form, revealing himself as a creature forming from clouds. Thankfully, Reed Richards monsters managed to distract him long enough so that he could snag the Cosmic Cube and put an end to Doom's reign of terror. It is also seemingly the archetypal dark opposite of the One-Above-All , through their relationship to each other appears to be minimal. Liam McGuire is a comics editor for Screen Rant. So little, it was nigh-unnoticeable. New comments cannot be … You can reach out to him directly at, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. 82% Upvoted. on 12/05/19 The facts just dont add up in the slightest on the starving and underfed theory. Galactus is only at that level of power after eating multiple planets and even then he would've lost against just a few. Galactus is a being of pure and raw energy with no real physical form, he needs to eat energy to survive and a "table scrap" to him is a planet every now and then. This has been done by not only incorporating the myriad of various Hulk personalities, but also tying the demonic Devil Hulk with the all-powerful (and truly evil) Marvel entity, The One Below All. So far, the One Below All is considered an all-powerful demonic entity of unparalleled might. The Most Powerful Character in the Marvel Universe. Even with actual evidence and undeniable It's called logic, something you and the rest 25% of Comic Vine sorely lack. This immense and highly unequal power may explain why it was sealed away in the Below-Place using the Green Door. The One Above All. Galactus is more equal to about one average named Celestial who might be part of a host. Family and acceptance doesn't equate to equal power. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. He didn't say fed on more than one planet or fully fed which usually just derails a Galactus battle into people arguing whether such a thing is possible. While in control of a host, the One-Below-All is also nearly impossible to remove. Galactus. Notice that I never said I supported Galactus. Standard Format for Civilization Profiles, Gods in Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Cosmology, and the opposite of the Qabalah concept of Tree of Life also know as the Qlippoth, Ruler of the concept of duality also known as Thaumiel, Below All a hell without divine unity, TOBA is an evil you can't compherend and all evil is just an aspect of him or he just control them, The One Below All doesn't really have any feats of its own, but this far future Hulk- aka the Breaker Apart- should be superior to Galactus. Galactus vs One Above All. hmmm.....DOES THANOS KNOW THAT BIGGI PURPLE G MAN IS HITTING UP HIS GIRL?? Sad I had to explain So Fully Fed Galactus is not only a myth, but an impossibility. Even the idea of killing Galactus is absurd because he has no body to kill and death wont take him. I KNOW GALACTUS FANS WILL OPPOSE BUT IF THEY RESEARCH OR COMPARE THEM CORRECTLY THEY CAN EASILY SEE GALACTUS IS LIKE MOSQUITO TO OAA,THEY HAVE TO ADMIT IT. No dude, Galactus had to eat 4 planets to take them on and Hickman was directly asked after that on twitter or wherever whether the 3 remaining mad Celestials needed to merge in order to defeat him and Hickman said no. From there, the creature was able to influence his actions, and make him much more aggressive, in particular brutalising the Avengers. SSJ3 goku is there? Galactus, formerly Galan of Taa, was a scientist in the sixth iteration of reality.

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