I started doing a reverse shims almost 20 years ago Sometimes I will have the neck pocket lower too. Crawls Backward (When Alarmed). Why would you need to adjust the angle or pitch of the neck? 0.5-degree shim is the one you'll reach for most often. Guitar Neck Reset Continues - Shimming the Dovetail on the Regal Tenor, Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster Modifications, Pt. About 2mm of shim gave me about a 4 or 5 mm adjustment at the bridge - but it's a 24 fret neck. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Delberthot, February 7, 2015 in Repairs and Technical. You will need one, because the likelihood of a new bolt-on neck fitting exactly right just doesn’t happen. Depends on the amount of adjustment you need! 1-degree shim is great for guitars with a Tune-o-matic bridge or Floyd Rose. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) [/quote] × Cool - I'm going to do it at the weekend. Under the heel of a bolt-on neck at the bottom or at the edge of the neck pocket. Because wood is unpredictable in how it will settle in once installed. Excellent, glad to help. There will be marks on both sides, as well as the front and bottom as you progress. You could use a guitar pick, a thin piece of veneer, a business card,  a thin sheet of metal, however: HVAC silver sealing tape is one of the best choices. It is an Extension of Myself. Powered by Invision Community. Outback Designs Guitar Neck Shims – Durable Bolt-On Neck Plate for Guitar and Bass Repair – Protective Guitar Neck Gasket made from Flexible Nylon – 0.25°, 0.5°, and 1°Degree Guitar Shims - Set … 1, Gluing Acoustic Guitar Neck to Body - Regal Tenor Neck Reset Continues, Frets.com - Frank Ford's Guitar Repair Site. What can be used as guitar neck shims material?   Your previous content has been restored. (It already had a mm thick shim in it at that!). It’s part of the correct process in guitar building, setups or perfect neck matching and alignment. September 22, 2015    It is necessary in achieving very low guitar finger board action. [/quote]A mm or two! × A guitar neck shim when referring to guitar builds is for a thin spacer with specific measurement particular to one guitar only. As long as the bolt-on neck is installed properly and has a  good, snug fit, the guitar neck shims do not affect sound whatsoever. Paste as plain text instead, × By Very nice post, I need to make those shim cauls! [quote name='PlungerModerno' timestamp='1423519313' post='2685932'] Now, it’s time measure for a shim. If you’d like to learn more about guitar neck shims and the guitar building process just go to HaywireCustomGuitars.com and click on BLOG for over 100 articles here: Rick Mariner-Haywire Custom Guitars, Custom Shop. Copyright © All the good names are taken ltd.  3 comments, Thank you! Display as a link instead, × What Finishing Processes Does Haywire Use? A mm or two shouldn't weaken the joint (assuming you've got 10 mm + of screw in the neck). It’s a guitar neck shim often used by Haywire, Luthiers and techs for years. As long as there's plenty of thread in the neck - you should be fine. The standard terminology used by luthiers for a thin wedge under a bolt-on neck is a shim. A: No problem there. you'll probably need .010" or .015" that's all & it'll be fine The paper highlights where the shims are contacting the female (guitar body) part of the dovetail. I've recently been working on a very high-end acoustic guitar where the neck … No two necks fit exactly the same on a body.  Guitar Builds and Repair, Necks, String Instrument Building and Repair, Tenor Guitar    It’s like visiting a tailor for a final fitting. Where are guitar neck shims placed? As long as there's plenty of thread in the neck - you should be fine. By use of red oak veneer, you can easily make your own shims … as well as a guitar player.

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