meaning “Charge Pressure” can be seen used as an alternative. Wreck Diving: Scuba diving on the wreckage of ships, aircraft, and other artificial structures is an amazing experience, with an enormous historical and archaeological interest. EAN: Enriched Air Nitrox. The only time a diver might breathe from a tank containing pure oxygen is at the surface following an emergency. A PADI Worldwide Company. Backroll: Entering the water from the side of the boat, back first. Dive Adventures Scuba Glossary is for scuba divers and anyone else interested in scuba diving terminology. Full-Foot Fin: A fin that covers your entire foot and most often doesn't require you to wear a bootie. Used primarily by european divers. We tell you all about rebreathers in this article. Common name (USA) for a Transportable Pressure Receptacle. National Vocational Qualification, (in Scotland SVQ). Professional Association of Diving Instructors. You catch the loop in your thumb and pull the spear back. Pair of steel cylinders, nominal capacity 104 cu. This is planned before the dive, and covers how deep you will go, how long you will be underwater, how far you plan to travel and other factors. A breathing gas mixture of Helium and Oxygen. Hours :: Shaped like a upsidedown garbage bag, you pump air into to raise your object. Buoyancy: (Positive, Negative, Neutral) Buoyancy refers to your position in the water. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Wetsuit: the human body loses heat 25 times faster in the water than out of it. Scuba Diving Glossary. Usually done by the first person down. Incorporating emergency air cylinder in addition to a low-pressure inflator. Clean tanks of internal corrosion, by filling them with an abrasive such as ceramic chips or aluminum oxide, and leaving on a machine that rotates them for several hours. Gas mixture used for decompression, such as. Glossary of Scuba Diving Terms. Surface Marker Buoy. Some of our web prices are cheaper than in-store. S.R.V. A method of rigging your gear for maximum survivabililty. (British). Can Divers Save it. Knot: The velocity unit of one nautical mile. Obsolete designation, now called the “G” series thread. Fins: A part of the scuba gear worn on the feet to impulse yourself through the water. There may be other meanings in other contexts. Profile (Dive Profile): An overview of your dive. DCS occuring despite staying within table or computer limits. Glossary of terms used in scuba diving. Dive Light: A flashlight designed for use underwater. 15 to 30 cu. Also called a beaver tail. Developed by the military to keep divers safe from decompression sickness. Describes a method of mixing gases by decanting them directly into a SCUBA cylinder or storage bank where the gases diffuse into a mixture. 41 Great Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers in 2020, Meet the Global Conservation Decision-makers You’ve Never Heard Of. Each member is called a buddy. XHTML :: Check out The Scuba Doctor Online Dive Shop. Common name (UK) for a Transportable Pressure Receptacle. Ascent: The last part of the dive, probably the most important one, especially when decompression stops are needed. Octo/Octopus: This is a secondary regulator used for emergency situations such as buddy breathing or the failure of your main regulator. Visibility. Would you like to add any others? Know more about this topic reading:  Drift Diving: 5 Tips To Make The Most Of It. Nitrox 32, Nitrox 36, Nitrox 50, Nitrox 80, etc: National Speleological Society-Cave Diving Section, Clean enough of combustibles such as oil to allow use with high pressure. The biggest difference with the previous level is that being an AOWD you can dive deeper. By Members of SCUBA-L,including Wrolf Courtney and Jan Faust Do you want to choose yours? Entry: Getting into the water either from shore, boat, etc. All Rights Reserved. Don’t go over 1.4 ATA while diving, or over 1.6 ATA while decompressing. Squeeze: If you do not exhale from time to time through your nose when diving, to equalize the inside of the mask, the effect of the increasing water pressure on the mask will cause pain. Side-scan sonar transducer. There are varying levels of severity, and can be caused by swimming to the surface too quickly. Many things change in your life when you start diving, including how you communicate. Diving to the limit means different things for different divers. (British). : 03-04 Alert - Air lines & whip check Issued by: EGIS HSEQC Dept. Scuba Diving Terms and Phrases: A. An anchor with bendable tines, also called a grappling hook. National Pipe Taper. Weight Belt: A piece of gear used when your BC is not weight-integrated. The bottoms of your feet move at each other like you’re sitting Indian style to propel you forward. Working Pressure. Extra cylinder of gas carried by a surface supplied diver or a rebreather diver to enable them to reach safety in the event of an interruption of their primary supply. Means more to us than just moisture present. about: Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills - Clean filtered Air fills in Melbourne to 300 bar, plus Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen, about: Online Dive Shop - Carefully chosen products at great prices, about: Air, Nitrox and Trimix Fills - Clean filtered Air fills in Melbourne to 300 bar, plus Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen. Considered the height of. This helps guide divers to the site and allows the diver to stay in the water column regardless of wave action during decompression stops. An ancient culture hangs in the balance as divers in northern California try to save kelp forests, home to the Pacific coast’s iconic and decimated abalone.

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