When the time came for their goodbyes, Shion cries (in the manga and novels) and asks Nezumi if he could go with him, even telling him a world without Nezumi means nothing to him. Naruto attack one, and Shion flew head first over a cliff. Risako sets a date to go out with Sota and Aio. She feels that if she shows emotions, that she would be insulting all those who died for her, resulting in her attitude. Naruto then claims that he won't die. For example, Shion almost strangled Rikiga after the man had solicited Nezumi for prostitution. The team continues to head toward the shrine, and while doing so, the Gang of Four attacks once again. Ami and Yuudai both dissect their date with the other members. He was born with brown hair and brown eyes, but these changed to white hair and violet eyes (red in the manga and anime) due to the substance emitted from a parasitic wasp. He managed to survive because Nezumi extracted the parasite from his neck just in time. Who is worried? Wada is infatuated with Risako and tries to impress her with lunch. Taruho brought her rice balls, and soup, though she threw the food on the floor commenting that the soup was too cold and that she couldn't eat the rice balls. Sota tells everyone about his intention to graduate and leaves Karuizawa. Tsubasa and Shion head to Kusatsu Onsen. Since he'd survived the deadly infection, Shion believed that he could warn and save the city from it. Aio asks Risako out on another date, as does Sota, while Kaito and Maya go to an art exhibit. The second gift is to predict the death of someone; her second gift acts as defence mechanism to protect the priestess, that should she die she would warn her past self and tell her who were around her at the time, and then the past priestess, would state one of those people would die, so they are motivated to protect her. How does Yui reply the whole truth? Just before Ami's schedule departure, Shohei meets her at the station for a surprise trip to the slopes -- and he's got a plan. 6 Lost Town Citizen (after stripped privileges). That was where Shion told Naruto that he was going to be impaled though the chest and killed. Later, Shizuku, Gitai, Setsuna, and Kusuna make an attack on Shion's palace. Two new members arrive including a professional football player who is deemed a pretty good talker. When Shion was twelve years old, he wore a white shirt with a light turquoise button up sweater vest over it, light brown trousers, dark brown shoes and his No. When Shion takes a small child from a mother, he tells a dog to take it to Inukashi where he can look after him. Risako confronts Yui about Aio's shocking confession. Meanwhile, after a surprising conversation with Shohei, Noah hangs out with Yui once again. It is heavily suggested that Shion has romantic feelings for Nezumi. Despite his nature, if someone or something he loves is in danger, he does not hesitate to save them. Three new members join the House: skateboarder Kaito, student Maya and company employee Sota. Welcome to the Shion Wiki! Shion, at first, acted very selfishly towards everyone, believing that she was far more important than anyone — as shown by her lack of care for anyone around her, even her dedicated followers. Living in the city of No.6 he is found by Nezumi fleeing from the authorities when they were children. In the cave, when Nezumi struggles against Sasori, Shion snaps and wraps a wire around Sasori's neck to strangle him, only stopping after Nezumi forces him to. Later, Ami starts crying when Yuudai asks her bluntly what she wants to do with her life. Takayuki takes Noah to the yakitori place. Takayuki gives Aya a gift before he takes her skateboarding. Miroku also gave Shion a bell as a protective charm, which, unknown to Shion at the time, was imbued with tremendous powers to protect her when necessary. Mizuki spends the night in Tokyo with her old boyfriend. Mizuki grows increasingly skeptical of Yuudai, who keeps buying things using his father's credit card. It can launch laser beams capable of slicing through the stone puppet soldiers of Mōryō, create a sphere of light that can shield Shion from the darkness, and transfer the protection to anyone she chooses (as she did to protect Naruto from Mōryō), and transform into an angelic entity of light capable of destroying Mōryō's darkness.

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