As you continue through to the objective you’ll need to kill a few more Qunari. See Saarath (strategy) for tips on how to defeat him. Or is freeing it something we'll have to address in DA4 as "it just so happens to coincidentally turn out (with zero premeditated planning on Bioware's part)" that the Darvaarad was in Seheron territory ankd we'll see it swoop down upon a group of Magisters? Tip: Once you enter The Crossroads, be sure to equip your armour and weapons if you haven’t done so already. Loot the codex entries here and then turn north to find the last egg. Elven Ruins Further along the path you’ll encounter some Qunari at the end of a bridge. If you found the Qunari notes while travelling, a special dialogue option becomes available: the Inquisitor has figured out on their own that Solas is not an agent of Fen'Harel, but Fen'Harel himself, and confronts him about it. Once there, head south and ascend the stairs where you’ll find more Qunari corpses. The Elven Ruins are an isolated ruin from the time of Elvhenan. (1 of 3) Always take out the ranged Qunari first, as these can inflict significant damage if left alone. Once they've been defeated you can finally reach the island. Here you will have an opportunity to ask numerous questions regarding the events that have transpired. Be sure to loot the note in the centre of the room by the statue once they’re dead. (right). As you head back along the bridge to the west you’ll be attacked by more Qunari. Instead, head south, where you’ll find some Qunari turned to stone. Follow it to the Deep Roads. However, you should finish any conversations with your companions before entering, as this will be your last chance. Cole - DisapprovesDorian - DisapprovesVarric - Disapproves. Upon using it you’ll be transported back to The Crossroads, where a new path has opened to the east with some Qunari running along it. This caused the downfall of the elven people, destroying countless marvels dependent on the Fade like the Vir'Dirthara and taking away the elves' immortality. Light a veilfire torch from the balcony to the west, Light the brazier that the wolf statue is looking at, second on the left from the stairs, Press the button on the wolf statue to reveal a hidden chamber, (1 of 3) Light a veilfire torch from the balcony. Use the mirror to the south to be transported to the Smoking Tower. Walkthroughs and strategies are my own original work and taken from my own playthrough. Trespasser Be sure to loot the skeleton to the left of the first stone walkway when you enter the Shattered Library. (talk) 22:35, September 17, 2015 (UTC), I never bothered with the left and middle control wheels. They will reveal all you need to know and provide a way out of the Shattered Library. He suggests a plan of attack and informs the inquisitor that Viddasala must be stopped. You will need to turn the right wheel until the right spike is fully retracted, then do the same with the left. An Equipment section, detailing where to find some of the best weapons and armor. Once you have the key, open the gate opposite the door and use the mechanism within. Comprehensive section on Dialogue Choices, covering both approval and romance options for companions. If this happens, you must kill him. She departs, but leaves behind a contingent of Qunari to attack. The Trespasser DLC begins once you complete the war table mission ‘Attend the Exalted Council’. Complete the war table operation Attend the Exalted Council at a cost of 8 power. Related: Dragon Age 4 & Next-Gen Need For Speed Imagery Don't Show Enough. Only one leads to where you need to go, the rest lead back to the courtyard and turn red and inactive after being used. However, it is inactive. Follow the ledge around the cavern and make your way to the Gaatlok Primers to the east. Once the spirit elves are defeated, approach the tower from the west and interact with the mosaic to learn some valuable information. Head west and then take the steps down into a preserved section of the archives. Remove ads and unlock special features. Enter it to go to the Shattered Library. Use the Eluvian here and then enter through the central one in The Crossroads. Proceedings in the council do not get far as it is interrupted by a messenger stating that Leliana needs to see the Inquisitor immediately. Codex entry: Vir Dirthara: A Flowering Imago, Codex entry: Vir Dirthara: Duel of a Hundred Years, Codex entry: Vir Dirthara: Attentive Listeners, Codex entry: Vir Dirthara: Birds of Fancy. Though his plan to restore his people will cause the destruction of the current world, Solas would not see them fall under the Qun, as he would rather see them die in comfort. Use it to enter the room and loot the Amulet of Physical Immunity. As you continue through to the objective you’ll need to kill a few more Qunari. They will see a wall of purple fire blocking them from a chest and the note. Here you’ll encounter some spirit elves, who can be placated only if the Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows instead of Morrigan. Note: Along the western shore of the sanctuary, on a corpse by a tree stump, you’ll find one of four codex entries which will grant some special dialogue later on.

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