I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and review a handful of the best examples over the past 5 years. 10. Artwork Flow It’s one of the oldest and still most powerful marketing tactics out there, instead of inviting users to sign up for a mailing list. The big payoff finally comes when the boy encounters a game that is inviting him in, where every kid is on wheels, turning the basketball game into one where the wheel-chair boy can join in. The video starts with Isaiah stepping out of the shower, wrapped in a towel holding a bottle of Old Spice body wash. Isaiah goes on to perform a series of tasks that would make any women blush. While he spoke, the background changed behind him, transporting him from a bathroom to a boat and then to a tropical beach. While humor won’t work for every business, for those with products who are trying to be more relatable, there’s no better tool. You will see it all the time in the gaming industry. MD29: My Relationship Building Funnel And Customer Loyalty With @petershankman. The simple act of signing up for a Twitter account made Americans confident in Obama’s ability to adequately serve and represent them. Above all, consumers today are inundated with choice. Brands like CoverGirl, Maybelline and Dior have expanded their product lines to include more than 40 shades of foundation. This is especially important if you’re relatively new without a huge brand recognition yet. The business results were just as spectacular as the video: – The campaign increased sales by 27% over since months since the launch. After all, this single tweet became a massive win for the fast-food brand, at absolutely no cost to them. – Amazon’s campaign proves that just launching an ad alone isn’t enough – interact and tap into your existing userbase to drum up the hype and fuel anticipation for an epic release. That’s something I will never get over.”. Challenging your audience is something that Nike has always done well in their ads, from their iconic Michael Jordan ad that redefines failure to their smash hit ‘Possibilities’ campaign in 2013. By giving fans the opportunity to solve online mysteries related to their favorite show, ABC created a captive audience for advertising. But not all ads are created equal, and thus not all of them can go viral (as advertisers say). “By combining the product with bottled water, we’ve created a world first — the Bottled Walkman. User-generated content can be one of your viral breakthroughs if you allow it to happen. Making your viewer the star of the show is one immediate way to let them experience the emotions that you are trying to instill. The agency created over 200 pieces of social content for the campaign, giving audiences ample ammunition to distribute and share a variety of content that best resonated with them. Superbowl 2018 saw many winners when it came to creative advertising but none came close to Amazon’s Alexa Loses Her Voice campaign.Earning over 1.5 Billion media impressions while contributing to a 300% increase in sales of Amazon’s Echo devices year on year, the video beat out other ads from Nike, Apple and Samsung with over 50.1 million YouTube views. Clearly define what type of emotion you want to stir: happiness, joy, laugh, inspiration, empathy. (He eventually did, but years after this campaign.). – The ad followed 3 power storytelling principles that are: Having Authenticity: Cleansheets could have chosen to use child actors or celebrities but that would have taken away from the audience relating to the story. Judging from the buzz online, these videos are doing their job. – Understanding cultural differences is crucial. While your brand’s identity must remain consistent across all channels, you should tweak your message and tone depending on the platform you’re targeting. They cast real children in real situations where they could behave in a natural way everyone can identify with. One of the most common examples is India’s sudden defeat in the semi-final of the world cup. And now, back to our days: Blendtec is still doing viral “Will it blend?” videos. – While many advertisements of the time were focused on single vehicles driving forward, Volvo’s ad decided to break the trend and conventions by having two trucks drive in reverse while pulling off the stunt. It was a genuine split performed by Van Damme to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering — a world first technology that makes the Volvo FM easier to drive. However, Sony believes in showing rather than telling. Listed below are a few key things to keep in mind while building your campaign. No! The site for The Blair Witch Project was meant to be an inexpensive marketing tool for an independent film that had not advertising budget. Dove has made creating viral ads a custom. – Influencer marketing is more important now than ever – they have a loyaly and dedicated audience that follows their every word (an audience that you want to tap on). Remember this ad that featured a non-impressionistic version of Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait? Let’s go through them all: 3 excellent advantages of viral marketing: Now you’re well fully equipped to start crafting a viral advertising campaign. Simpsons- When the Simpsons Movie came out, it boasted one of the biggest opening weekends of the year.

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