There are a lot of things that are fast enough to measure speed against, from race cars to airplanes, but a bullet has a very specific connotation, and it's one that would be as apparent for the audience that had just come through the Second World War as it is for us now. The Flash and Superman first raced one another in 1967's Superman #199. Is it just that he's the fastest man alive? So, at least for now, if someone asks you who is faster, Superman or the Flash(? The fans need an answer. Part of that is because the Silver Age Superman was the heir apparent to Captain Marvel (you know, the Shazam guy), who Binder had defined alongside artist C.C. Who is faster – Superman or the Flash? The two Justice Leaguers learned Phantom Zone criminals including General Zod were actually behind the anachronoids and were using a special machine to disrupt the space-time continuum. Superman and The Flash had three races between 1967 and 1970. To give you a quick answer – based on everything we know from the comics, The Flash is indeed faster than Superman, although derivative materials don’t always follow this comic book fact. ( Log Out /  Of course, that might just be the same kind of happy accident that we got from the Superman intro. While Flash was running at Superspeed, Superman matched his speed while flying and teased Flash by calling him "slowpoke." Clearly this is not a good situation so Superman races to stop him. This is additionally confirmed by the recent The Flash #49, where Barry Allen and Wally West are engaged in a chase that could potentially destroy the planet. Another tie. Superman is one of the chief characters in the DC Comics universe. He's the fastest man alive... it's right there," Williamson shared (via ScreenRant). Warning: SPOILERS below for Justice League! The thing is, it kind of only happens on this level with those two. Well, before I reveal the answer (because there is an answer), would you like to place your bets on the outcome? It's a question comic book fans have debated for decades. It wasn't long before someone figured out that you could probably make even more money by putting all the popular characters together in some kind of Justice Society, but still, each one had been created in isolation, meant to function as a character who could stand on their own, with their own setting and supporting cast. In the story, the race is part of a United Nations charity fundraiser. It comes about because the timeline has gotten thrown out of whack and Superman's friend, Jimmy Olsen, has been thrown into ancient Rome. But he quickly realizes that Superman … It begs the question we all want to know: Who is really faster? At the very least, I think someone needs to get Superman and the Flash to run yet another race. Wally West took over the mantle of the Flash after Barry Allen died in Crisis on Infinite Earths, after being the original Kid Flash. The two superheroes raced each other on several occasions, sometimes for the sport of it, sometimes because of an important reason, but whatever the reason might have been – it was always an interesting thing to see. Is it just about speed?" Their first race happened way back in 1967, when Barry Allen organised a charity race around the world against Superman, at the behest of the United Nations. Who is faster: Superman or The Flash? For one Justice League Flash is clearly a rookie and he himself doesn't understand the full potential of the Speed Force. Anyway, Jurgens and Thibert build the race in a way that absolutely feels like it's going to hit one of those unsatisfying finishes. Barry Allen comes second, with Bart Allen in third spot. He got his powers the same way as his uncle (he is related to Barry’s wife, Iris West) and became his sidekick until he actually replaced him as the Flash. Unfortunately, the question of who is fastest isn't resolved when the race ends in a tie. The Flash and The Confrontation. Even after they had regular team-ups, the main characters would mostly be developed in their own books, completely separate from a wider world. Unlike some other DC superheroes, Superman has a lot of extra-terrestrial enemies, some of the most notable being Brainiac, the collector of planets, and Doomsday, a Kryptonian monstrosity matching Superman’s own powers. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'fictionhorizon_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_5',129,'0','0'])); And that’s it for today. He can't remember anything about his past except that his name sounds like "Buried Alien," and that being dubbed the Fastest Man Alive feels... right. ), you can give them an honest answer. Even the prefix, "super," became this weird kind of shorthand, not just for infinitely powerful, but for the specific kind of power that Superman and his cousin (and his dog, and his dad's monkey, and this one weird horse they hung out with) had.

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