When asked about their identities, Fraser consistently named two people: one named Chief Iron Tail, who was from a Sioux tribe, which is part of the Lakota people; and another man named Two Moons, who he claimed was a member of the Cheyenne people. Private mints have much greater freedom when it comes to what subject matter can be used on their products. Black Diamond was known for having a very docile temperament, yet the artist had a difficult time getting the 1,500-pound creature to sit still for very long. The only thing I would like to see added to the site is some type of loyalty program. Moreover, laws regarding United States coinage provide a number of guidelines about how the country's coins must be designed. The round's weight and purity specifications are inscribed along the top rim, reading "ONE TROY OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER.". As with all investments there is risk and the past performance of a particular asset class does not guarantee any future performance. The denomination on the reverse design, the relief of the cheek of the Native American, and especially the numbers of the date all showed a tendency to wear away too easily. My wife has no idea of what is in there. Such claims were often successful in drawing considerable attention in the media, nevertheless. Look a lot nicer than I expected. First released in 1913, the original Buffalo nickel continued to be minted until 1938. The order arrived quick and packaged very well. Silver Bullion Rounds Buffalo Design. but then again i don't want silver hanging out on my front door. Unlike Gold, Silver has remained impervious to confiscation from governments. A replica of a much-loved American classic, this 1 Troy oz of .999 fine silver, is based on the iconic design of the Buffalo Nickel. Be sure to buy your Silver Buffalo 1 oz round for competitive pricing from Gainesville Coins! The quality is top notch, though the relief is a little shallow it still looks and feels amazingly with great effort put into the details. Great quality. Limited items are part of the exciting precious metals world. credit card pricing for one unit quantity. This is the minimum amount of time a circulating American coin design must be used before it can be replaced. The ability to stack conveniently is not always true of bullion rounds because of high relief or avant-garde design elements. they arrived quickly and were in great shape. Better yet, 1 Oz Buffalo silver rounds are affordable and abundantly available. If your looking for weight value then this is it. This 99.9% pure low premium silver one ounce round changes the back of the original design, replacing the denomination with "One Troy Ounce" and "999 Fine Silver". Interestingly enough, Black Diamond does have at least one undeniable appearance on U.S. currency to his credit: He was featured on a ten-dollar bill in 1901. Some of them were slightly scratched but for the price i think its a great deal. Their overall price was the cheapest I could find. All of these more recent homages to the original Buffalo nickel speak to the resurgent popularity of the design. The accomplished sculptor always maintained that the image was a composite of several different men. It eventually was reproduced as a commemorative silver dollar by the U.S. Mint in 2001. Contact our trading floor. I love the silver eagles, but these coins provide more value in my opinion, I have been researching the major bullion dealers on the web for the past 2 weeks and finally decided on Gainesville. Golden State Mint offers mint fresh beautifully struck, one ounce silver rounds. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. For instance, mint employees attempted to adjust various design elements in order to make the features of the coin more durable. The relatively low price of silver, when compared to gold, makes it an attainable investment for first-time investors and a great way to build up your investment portfolio. 1 oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Gold Bar (Veriscan Assay Card), 39 mm Medallion Size Square Coin Tube for 1 oz rounds (holds 20), 39 mm Air-Tite Direct Fit Capsule | 1 oz Rounds, Capsule Box | Double Row (holds 50x 1 oz capsules), Capsule Box | Single Row (holds 25x 1 oz capsules), Black Leatherette Gift\ Presentation box (holds 1 oz capsule), 39 mm Medallion Size Square Coin Tube for 1 oz rounds (holds 10), Plastic Flips 2" x 2" | 1 oz Rounds (5 pack). There are virtually no restrictions outside of physical limits on how much detail can be imparted onto the piece of metal. By weight, each round contains a total of one troy ounce (31.1 grams) of pure silver.

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