Tommy Koffin Chris She brings the same sense of exploration to her other projects (Flock of Dimes, Dungeonesse). “Screaming Heathens”. Doug Wuellner is a guitar tech at Reverend Guitars. his “New Yawk” accent. for their distinctive body shape as well as their use of non-traditional materials. Reverend guitars have been endorsed by several high-profile musicians over the years. A guitarist and bassist since 1971, he’s been Eric “Shade” Balderose is the guitar player for Code Orange, a hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA that self-published several EPs and toured the county while in High School. Reverend has over 30 models, including 10 Signature Models. a long time Reverend endorser, playing guitar in his Toledo based math rock band House Tours. He plays bass in The Polka Floyd Show alongside In his spare time, Zack restores vintage arcade games and muscle cars, and maintains a collection of about 50 guitars. A multi-instrumentalist, Jenn Wasner is a person who continues to fascinate the listener. All of the guitars are expertly designed by Joe Naylor, proudly manufactured in South Korea by boutique guitar manufacturer Mirr Music, and meticulously set up by our tech team.From the well-known to the unknown, players of all stripes are impressed because Reverend pays attention to what makes an instrument the kind of instrument players want to play. Watt went on to form fIREHOSE and to play bass for punk royalty, The Stooges, as well as hundreds of solo projects with musicians around the world. That’s where he met D. Boon and George Hurley – who would later form The Minutemen – a band that would inspire legions. Zak Ward His beard aint too bad either. It has a hot-rodded body with a Wilkinson Trem. She’s also a proud mom/step-mom of four. People who have heard Meshell Ndegeocello play in person talk about her magic, and her resume is too long a varied to talk about here -- which starts for most people with her duet with John Mellencamp on “Wild Nights” and currently goes until the theme song on the hit TV show “Queen Sugar.” Respected across multiple genres, this woman is a true rock star. Robin only uses the volume and bass contour knobs, so we streamlined the control layout to volume/bass contour/3-way switch. The guitars are made at Mirr Music in South Korea. We created this straight-ahead rock machine for monster guitarist Robin Finck. A guitarist since 1980, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design, and is a graduate of the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. Joe Naylor launched Reverend in 1997 in East Detroit. All of the guitars feature Reverend's distinctive and highly lauded Bass Contour Control (BCC), a knob allowing the player to control tone more finely than conventional bass/treble knobs (which Reverend guitars also include). Penny Haas is the COO of Reverend, in charge of all social media and outside marketing, as well as the day-to-day operations at Reverend. The company was bought by Ken and Penny Haas in 2010, and Joe Naylor retained his role as the designer and technical advisor. He's a co-founding member of Edie Brickell and New Bohemians (1984), Critter's Buggin (1993), and Dead Kenny Gs (2007). Under this arrangement, the Reverend Guitars line expanded to over 50 guitar models and more than 10 bass models. And levitate. Reeves Gabrels, Greg Koch, Mike Watt Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins and Robin Finck of Nine Inch Nails all play Reverend guitars. This no-nonsense, all-business guitar will crush your leads. Currently involved in a number of Pumpkins and non-Pumpkins related musical projects, Billy also has a hand in a number of other business ventures. Hailing from Georgia, Brian attended Butler University for audio engineering (Go Bulldogs) and brings magical guitar playing and audio engineering smarts to Reverend Guitars. According to SMN News, “Ohio 3-piece Mobile Deathcamp can play some pummeling no holds barred speed metal! They have since gone on to produce three studio albums, tour the world extensively, including two Warped Tours, and win both Best British Newcomer at the 2014 Kerrang! playing guitar since 1990 and currently plays in his band band by the 8th grade. Since forming the band in In his solo work, he blends jazz, blues, and rock into his own, eclectic mix. Their brand of stoner rock-meets-doom metal-meets-70s riff rock has charted on Billboard and been popular since the band’s 2003 inception in Austin. Reverend guitars are known for their combination of unorthodox construction methods, retro design, playability and affordable price. were wildly enthusiastic about the distinctive style and lively tonal response, while others[according to whom?] Reverend uses their own custom pickups on each model. D737891. Zack Green leads our tech team in setting up and inspecting every guitar that goes out the door. He has been in way too many bands to mention, including The Zimmerman Twins with Reverend CEO Ken Haas. Joe is currently taking the industry by storm with his two-man group, Burning Things. Greg Koch is an internet sensation who is well known for his dynamic demo videos, his instructional books, and his band, the Koch-Marshall Trio. Penny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Art History & Film, has been a pianist since 1981, guitarist since 1999. He also helps Zack Green with the set up process. The Kingbolt is the newest Reverend Bolt-on. Joe has repaired guitars professionally since 1981, and opened his own vintage guitar/repair shop in 1992. We took the Sensei platform, added Railhammer Chisels, and a high-performance bound ebony fretboard. Kyle Shutt is a founding member of The Sword – a band that has toured the world with acts such as Metallica, Lamb of God, Clutch, and Opeth, and headlined many tours and festivals. keep the true spirit of rock n’ roll alive and well. When he’s not playing, he can be found with his motorcycle and with his family. Ken Haas is Reverend’s CEO. Their songs are straight forward old school metal assaults, with crossover appeal.”. Brian Gross-Bias is a guitar tech at Reverend. Hailing from Georgia, Brian attended Butler University for audio engineering (Go Bulldogs) and brings magical guitar playing and audio engineering smarts to Reverend Guitars. He plays guitar in House Tours with Reverend marketing wizard Jeff Wynn as well as a local cover act Bubba and Brian. To date, products designed by Joe have won many awards from major guitar and industry magazines. William “Billy” Corgan is the mastermind behind The Smashing Pumpkins – a band that took over the airwaves in 1991 with the album Gish and still continues to be a major influence on the scene. Vintage pedal-style knobs mean that you can see them, even on dark stages, with laser lights and smoke machines erupting all around. started taking bass lessons in 1982, and was playing in his dad’s polka

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