Diamond Body Sculpting Presents LipoMelt! Advanced Slimming Technology
Whole Body Skin Tightening
Whole Body Treatment At Once
Affordable and Comfortable to Use
Melt That Fat Away Before/After Photos
Freeze Fat Away, Smooth Cellulite
& Tighten Skin EVERYWHERE
With Cryo Sculpting
Eliminate The Need For Botox &
Fillers With Our Advanced
MicroMD Renewal Technology

Welcome to Diamond Body Sculpting

At Diamond Body Sculpting we want it to be all about you. We bring you a boutique clinic atmosphere where you receive personal attention and state-of-the-art services. You will begin with a consultation customized around your particular concerns with one of our experienced specialists. At that time, you are able to discuss any questions you might have and determine the appropriate treatment plan for your rejuvenation and transformation.

Once you begin treatment, you will feel completely at ease with our highly experienced medical professionals. Our new Edina location utilizes the latest most effective aesthetic technology available, while making you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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Advanced Slimming Technology

Diamond Body Sculpting uses the most advanced LipoMelt technology to shrink your fat cells and melt away years of toxic buildup, all while firming and tightening your skin.  Our unique patented LED Red and Near Infrared light helps naturally slim, shape and tone areas including the waist, hips, thighs and arms.

Our LipoMelt state-of-the-art technology targets cellulite and firms areas that have caused you problems for years. We can use our technology to give your whole body, face and under your chin a natural and gentle lift that tones and firms your skin. Results are achieved without Botox, fillers or other invasive and expensive treatments. We can achieve your goals through a series of treatments as well as treat your whole body at once instead of just one small area. LipoMelt helps to increase collagen and elastin formation that lifts and firms the skin all while contouring the body and creating a slimmer appearance. You HAVE to Try IT!

It’s your shape only better!!

I lost 3 5/8 inches on my FIRST Session!!

Megan R - Burnsville, MN

Andrea is very knowledgable and kind, she made me feel at ease and comfortable during my consultation and my treatments. I have lost over 11 inches in 12 Treatments and I’m almost at my goal!

Candace T. - Minneapolis, MN

I LOVE Diamond Body Sculpting! I’ve had CoolSculpting and it left me with voids and divots where I had none before on my hips and under my butt – yuck! I have had 9 treatments with Diamond Body Sculpting and I can see my lumps and bumps going away and my skin getting firmer! Thank you!

Jenny R - Bloomington, MN

Buy the Biggest and Best package because this machine REALLY Works! You’re not going to want to stop! I’ve lost two dress sizes and have reached my goals in a healthy way.

Marianne K. - Lakeville, MN

Watching the fat melt off my problem areas has changed my life. Thank you Diamond Body Sculpting for helping me get my confidence back.

Camille C. - Burnsville, MN

I’m telling all my friends and racking up the FREE Sessions!

Kim B. - Edina, MN

My personal trainer told my about Diamond Body Sculpting and I had to try it.  For years I haven’t been able to get rid of my cellulite on the back of my legs no matter how much I worked out – now….It’s gone!

Julie R. - Apple Valley, MN

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